19 November 2011

moop / longtime favorite find

am such a fan of moop bags. i have used this one for three years now as a diaper bag / overnight bag / basic everything-that-fits-in-goes bag and it still looks fantastic. not one bit beat up. my husband likes it too; that's saying a lot for a diaper bag.

am thinking their new very useful tote might just be my favorite new gift idea for christmas. i love the plethora of pockets (inside and out) and deep space for all kinds of tote-alongs. it would be perfect for church, library trips, the gym, the market and anywhere-with-a-kid adventure. you can never have enough totes; am i right, ladies?!

p.s. thankfully moop is having a holiday sale right now thru november 28th. enter TINYMOOP upon checkout for 10% off. hip, hip. happy weekend!

1 comment:

marni zarr said...

i'm thinking this may be the "perfect" tote! love the letter bag in brown.

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