21 November 2011

weekending, lightbulb moments, motherhood and pie night

my favorite sight; for so many reasons. the boys in aprons whip up their first pie crust. i helped with the slicing. dan trusts all things ree and turned to our used and abused cookbook for pioneer woman's flat apple pie. it was messy and absolutely delicious, as all her food turns out to be. there was no shortage of butter and sugary sauciness. which made for a fantastic no-fail experience.

the weekend / in review

friday we went out on the town. all three of us. the snow was falling in fat flakes and the sun set early. we went to an art gallery + letterpress studio opening. i was all a-bubbling like holiday tea when we stepped inside. the typical art crowd is just as i remembered. it felt like i was introducing dan to the world of artsy letterpress lovers, not like i knew any of them personally, but the introduction to the whole event of it. like visiting the blogs i love, but in real life.

to be honest, i felt a little out of place. and in my heart i felt envious; i've guiltily given most creative projects a backseat (or thrown in the trunk!) in my life right now. i wish i could carve out more time for things like this, i thought to myself. more time for cultivating my skills for awesome passions i wish i had time for. if i didn't blog so much, maybe i could be better at fill-in-the-blank. or, maybe if i could cut out my once-in-awhile napping ritual i could read more fine literature or possibly, dig into the new yorker or something equally as stimulating / informative. heavens, i am thirty now, i should be reading stuff like that. and i should definitely not be so involved with wondering what ryan seacrest will be producing next.

soon i began to look around–pushing through those feelings–and saw dan with benji in his arms, mingling with the artists and i realized something. my own toddler is my creative project at the moment. he's the main show. and that is more than okay with me. it was a happy mini lightbulb moment. one more moment of realizing how motherhood is something i'm unbelievably grateful for and very proud of. i love that mother is now a title i hold. it is worth giving other things up for. and then i felt fine about everything. i let it go and talked to the artists about their work. and rather than feeling sad that i don't know where i'd stick in letterpressing in my life, i felt happy that these lively ladies are opening their own studio and rockin' it; local style. i am grateful for that moment of letting my own selfish feelings go. to be happy for them and happy right where i am too. u be u, i'll be me. they had their machines going so dan (and benji!) got to see the magic of handcranking out artwork, up close. the fire is still burning to create things with my own hands. there is always a creative storm brewing in my mind of new projects to start, but that shouldn't overwhelm me (as it often does), it should inspire me. it should show me that i'm still alive and breathing. a time and season for everything. for me, it's the season of being mom.

side note // something my dear idaho friend, julie, once told me has been sticking to me like glue lately. i think of it often and am so happy she answered me so honestly. over the phone, i casually inquired about what amazing new sewing project she was working on. (the first time i met her she was sewing a giant hoop skirt–and other treasures to outfit her kiddos–to wear at an upcoming mountain man rendezvous!) she recently had her third baby and is gracefully figuring out how to manage life as a mom of three. julie said so nonchalantly and very matter-of-fact, i've decided that my kids are my hobby. i am putting them first. that one phrase has come into my mind so often. it reminds me, as a mother, to remember to make motherhood fun; to make it more than an obligatory responsibility. to make a choice to make the most of it. to enjoy each day as they are only little once. to make motherhood matter. thank you, julie.

since benji was already out past his bedtime, we went out for cocoa and shared a little delicacy called a fudge cup at this favorite place i love called gourmandies. it was packed and i felt like we were suddenly in new york city. everyone was dressed up and chatting in giant groups. i guess i'm such a homebody i've forgotten that it's sometimes totally fun to get out once in awhile and rub shoulders with the leather jacket (with sequins underneath) crowd. (side note // i seem to always be documenting the cakes, pies and general sweets we consume, am consuming, have consumed. please take no effort in doing the math for me. i read recently in a magazine that your favorite skinny jeans will tell you when you've gained weight. toss that scale! which is funny to me because most skinny jeans are mostly made up of luscious spandex, meaning stretch factor. which is why we love them. now will the new yorker tell you that? til then i'll wait for my tj maxx specials to speak up.)

saturday i joined in on a serious craft fest with the ladies at my church. we watched a buttermint demonstration, made a citrus salt scrub (aaamazing and easy!) and i wrapped a yellow yarn wreath (it's cute, but i don't think i'll ever do that again, unless i have fun people to chat with!). we ate chicken noodle soup. the boys had boy day with haircuts and a dinosaur museum and leaves to rake. we crossed everything off our to do list. i got to have a long chit chat with my brother while rounding the corners of my christmas cards (another task only fun if you have something / someone to distract you). thanks pete! and then tidied the house up. and smiled to have a house to tidy up and whipped some fresh cream for pie night.

sunday we baked pie and ate cheerios. we got dolled up and went to church and, in sunday school, discussed Jesus Christ and what it means to be a true disciple of His. i got to sit in on a class full of bright teenagers who had good answers about being an example while not being pushy. we talked about loving everyone and accepting others as they are while still holding true to our own values. i felt the spirit and felt thankful for the gospel. i am grateful to know what i believe in and know i can lean on it when i am weak. five o'clock, the family showed up; in coats and wet shoes and beaming faces. the warmth was immediate. we ate pie. the kids watched winnie the pooh while we ate more pie. there was coconut cream, chocolate decadence, pumpkin, pioneer woman's flat apple and gingerale party punch. everyone brought homebaked pies. and that wasn't even a requirement! i was so impressed and full to the gills.

there was a coloring table with thanksgiving printable pages and extra chairs brought in. dan got out the rickety old bench for the end of the table. it reminded me of thanksgivings everywhere wherein people round up random assorted seating to seat their hungry, happy visitors. there was a whole bunch of family in our little house. we felt so happy. my made-up game seemed like a success. the children were giddy and chit-chattering. i found the little girls 8 and 10, roaming my office glancing at photos. one asked, so what exactly do you do in here?! if only i had a clear cut answer for her!

the pies were perfect; only tasty, flaky crumbs left. which i nibbled on and vacuumed up simultaneously twenty minutes after the last guests left (and i'm not even a pie person). it's fun when you get to call yourself a hostess and your family members guests. living away from family for awhile, i so appreciate getting to see them more often! what better party is there than a roomful of relatives?! it is my favorite kind of comfort zone.


Mrs. Biscuit said...

Great post!!! Can I ask where you got Benji's apron? My little boy has been asking for one.

Johanna said...

Oh I needed to read this post this morning. Thank you for painting such a lovely picture of your weekend and for talking so freely about your current projects- "motherhood".
I'm needing this positive post about creativity, pies, family and life in general.
Happy Thanksgiving (week)

Shannon @ A Mom's Year said...

Exactly. :-) I grew up reading Anne of Green Gables, and one of my favorite lines is Anne's response to someone who asks her if she's still writing: "I'm writing living epistles now."

J, K, L, and D said...

i loved this. was at a friend's house two days ago, and was admiring her sewing & kids-crafting skills, and was wondering how in the world i could get back into things like that, when it feels like it's been forever. (and where would i even begin?)

then i got home, and my nearly-one-year-old-whirlwind daughter buzzed around my feet & clapped & sang & made me shake with laughter. and i realized she's what i have time for right now - and that's a good thing.

thank you for the reminder. and for your lovely posts, always.

Lisa said...

Your weekend sounds delightful, particularly the family pie night. Thank you for sharing it with us.

marta said...

thank you!
mrs. biscuit, the little orange apron is from home depot! they often give them out free at their crafting saturdays for kiddos. benji loves wearing his.

Travelin'Oma said...

I love seeing life through your eyes! You are definitely a poet. You remind us that beauty is in the details. Pie Night was fabulous!

[eeny] said...

pie night sounds wonderful. I think I have to host one for my family soon.
I love spending time with family as well. I think family time is just the best.

And Ree's flat apple pie is so delicious. Love her cookbook.

By the way, your post is great. Motherhood is a creative and very time consuming hobby, but I bet it's a very rewarding one as well. One day I will jump on that bandwagon too. But till then, I will spend as much time as possible with my little friends. =)

CMN said...

Lovely weekend recap. Even if the pie is all gone and there's nothing left to beg you to smash into the computer screen so that we can nibble too. (Would that ever work, do you think? {sigh})

But now here is an important question... WHAT letterpress launch did you go to on Friday? You didn't happen to mention WHO it was... would you mind adding that note? I'm curious enough to investigate and might want to visit their shop too! :)

Cecilia said...

What a dreamy weekend.

I can't believe all that pie is gone! I just ate a slice of pie now and told myself I was just warming up for Thursday. What a fun idea - pie night!

Amy said...

i heart this post. i would love to elaborate, but as your friend Julie so eloquently puts it, 'kids are my hobby' too. and being a mom is the one thing i want to do really, really well.

Cathy said...

I didn't think I was a creative person until I read your post. As a SAHM, I do need to be creative to make sure they gat all the stimulation they need. Thanks for this great post!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I have been feeling bad recently, about being "just a mom" and this helps inspire me to push past that. I love being home with my children and they are only little once. thank you.

Amanda said...

Oh, Marta, this is one of my favourite posts ever! You are a beautiful writer, every sentence filled with magic.

It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I'd say you are a fantastic momma and Benji is one lucky little boy!

{natalie} said...

dear Marta, i love reading your posts/thoughts. you are wise and eloquent. i wish we were neighbors.

your pie party sounds perfect. and so does your weekend. and i love the quote, "my kids are my hobby"

Alisha Stamper said...

oh my heart. thank you, marta, for capturing the beauty in a way that inspires others to do the same. Its a very "look up" type of way that you write, and it sticks to me when i need it most. thanks.

Ali said...

thanks for this post.
>the apple pie recipe
>the motherhood lightbulb - love it! I need to remember this for when i have kids "it reminds me, as a mother, to remember to make motherhood fun; to make it more than an obligatory responsibility"

thank you. you always write with such sincerity, honesty and love.

thanks marta!

AmberLee said...

a little ryan seacrest curiousity is a healthy thing!

your posts always do me good.

i have often been thinking the same about things I thought I'd manage to be reading as an adult, and always have my list of things I might have time for if I quit this or that.

but agree that none of the extras really matter as long as the main thing is the kids and the family. and even with my kids, most of the year we've decided our extra curricular activity is friends and eachother.

love the pic of your boys!

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