16 November 2011

wrap it up / fall fashion inspiration

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i love how these girls look so cozy, comfortable and chic all at once. staying warm is my main goal between now and april. am thinking i need to step it up in wearing layers and looking pulled together. do tell, what is your must-have for fall fashion?

these days i'm living in
(and loving) paige jeans / a clearance steal
v-neck sweaters / uniqlo
university hoodies / go utes
thin turtlenecks / j crew
hand-knitted hats / nanny hats
dansko clogs (this is their fourth winter) / zappos
chunky cardigan / from a neighborhood swap!
 kate spade argyle socks / nordstrom rack
carrying giant bags / of all kinds
scarves piled high like luscious warm cakes (or snakes!) around my neck
eating practically a liquid diet of warm soups and hot cocoa
savoring slowly / peppermint jo jo's from trader joes (thanks anna!)  
am still on the hunt for cool riding boots that won't break the bank

+ tune in tomorrow. i'll give you a tour of my new home office! 


Unknown said...

Boots! I once read that boots make you feel like you can do anything, that or kick it really hard! I always feel pulled together when I wear them no matter if it is dressy or casual.

megan... said...

when you find said riding boots- please- do tell!!

Caroline said...

Love the second look. And, yes these girls look so cozy!!! I love a good pair of riding boots. xo.

EliseBlaha said...

super fun post. my madewell boots almost broke the bank (even at 30% off) but i love them to the moon and back... good luck on the hunt!

erin said...

I just started following your blog recently and I love it! :)
Love the inspiration looks you pulled together - I would suggest Target for riding boots, I bought some last season for only $50 (they are real leather) and they are holding up really well. :)

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