21 January 2012

blogs of note / sifting through

of course friends and family blogs are going to stay on my radar. so i am carefully weeding the rest from the good (good meaning, worthwhile) blogs from my google reader. it is currently exploding with over 1,000 blog subscriptions. that's insane. no wonder i get so sucked in. i was totally suffocating with other people's ideas; i couldn't come up with any of my own. so i'm whittling down and making the most of what i read and am inspired by. i thought i'd share a few favorite blogs that seem to have stuck with me.

scout's honor co. and design love fest / new-to-me designers i admire. i love designers who have a voice. these two have nailed it.

a cup of jo, creature comforts and design mom / longtime favorites, still daily reads.

into the gloss and the beauty dept. / best beauty blogs to get my glitz and glamour fill.

papercrave and ohsobeautifulpaper / i love bloggers who have a passion for paper.

ali edwards, elise joy, and kal / continue to inspire me to create art. with my own two hands.

cjane / it's ironic that i read very few writer-ly blogs; but hers is addicting. her stories remind me of the magic (and power) of weaving words together.

pacing the panic room / wordy and honest; ryan writes it all out on the page. a writer and photographer. his blog is inspiring in the way that it is a genuine document of his life. the tumblr site is like stepping inside his world for a minute.

caitlin creer interiors and little green notebook / dreamy house ideas for safekeeping.

simple song and oh joy / lots of eye candy and inspiration to scroll upon.

pugly pixel / fantastic freebies and enthusiasm about graphic designey stuff. love it.

the rockstar diaries / my fashion idol; the lipstick, her sparkle, the bikes. she's unstoppable.

blue lily blog / living vicariously through their adventures. always glorious pics.

jolie jolie design, design for mankind and oh hello friend / stylish, cheerful, inspiration all around.


Anca Pandrea said...

I have most of the blogs you mentioned in my reader, but thank you so much for the new ones I just discovered!
Have a great Sunday!

Shannon @ A Mom's Year said...

Isn't it interesting how we all connect with different blogs? The stars have to align in just the right way, I think.

I dream of having a session with Blue Lily. I wonder what they would do with my scruffy crew!

I was thinking that ALT was primarily for designers and artists, but is there a strong writer's component, too? I don't mean to say that the artists aren't wonderful writers, but the focus might be a bit different than if you were someone making a living primarily as a writer. If that makes sense!

Susannah said...

ah yes, i need to do this! i have waaaay too many blogs in my reader, and sometimes i wonder if it would even be humanly possible to check in on all of them!

Wendy/Blue Lily said...

Thank you Marta darling!! I wish we could Have seen you for the second you were at Alt! :)

Crystalee said...

Hi Marta! Nice to "meet" you! I've been a silent follower for awhile, and just want to say I love your caring, giving way of writing. You elevate the best in others.

I found you through my talented cousin's blog, 6thstreetdesignschool.com She's a fan of you too!

All the best,
Crystalee Beck

EliseBlaha said...

thanks for the mention, sweet friend. a while back I trimmed my reader from about 280 to 60 blogs. It was so so so good and I don't miss what I'm not seeing one bit. I think pinterest really helps "see" a lot anyway. good luck with your brain cleanse. xo.

Unknown said...

I totally just pared mine down, too! Thanks for the inspiration & happy weekend!

Amanda said...

a cleanse is so worth it, mart.

i cleaned mine out just this past week, but now it looks like i'll have to put a few more in there -- thanks! :)

Ellie said...

I always love seeing which blogs the bloggers I read are following. I forgot to comment on this when you first posted, but I'm doing it now! *yay*

There are several blogs on here that I, too, read either daily or weekly: Elise Joy, DesignLoveFest, Beauty Department, Oh Joy, Rockstar Diaries, and a few others I stop by once in a while. I'm off to go check out the others on your list...

Thanks for the suggestions!


r8chel said...

Thanks for these recommendations. I just added Elise Blaha's blog to my Reader. :)

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