18 January 2012

inspiring me lately / charcoal & mustard

this color combo is nothing new but keeps popping up in my pins. i especially like that it can go chic and professional or youthful and approachable. sources: la petite girl (love this look!) / peacock print / business cards / boden cardigan (and scallop blouse!) / girl painting by lisa golightly / fabulous (fancy) wilma bench

+ today we celebrated a friend's happy happy news over a rumbi salad. hip, hip.
+ we got in on a spontaneous story time at the bookshop. and were the only ones there.
+ dipped chocolate chip cookies in milk before naps.
+ am all caught up on laundry and ready to design pretty logos.

have a happy wed-nes-day.


holtkamp said...

i love these colors too!

robyn devine said...

i always think i won't like wearing mustard, but when paired with grey i always do!

and caught up with laundry? i'm so proud of you!!!

{amy k.} said...

how do you ever catch up with laundry? i'm entirely impressed!

mustard and gray with a pop of plum or teal/aqua are some of my all time favorite color combos!!! so in love with it!

Amanda said...

Love this colour combo!

It sounds like you had a lovely day. and I love that you wrote wed-nes-day. That's always how I say it in my head when I'm writing it down.

jen byard said...

These are my living room colors and I feel happy whenever I walk in there! Glad you're back :)

{natalie} said...

Whenever I am caught up on laundry I want to ask everyone to sleep in their clothes so I can have empty laundry baskets for just a bit longer.

How fun to have story time to yourselves.

And yay for your friend, good news is always welcome.

Jessica said...

What beautiful images, really all of them. And bravo on the laundry also. I always want someone to pat me on the back when mine is done. ;)

moxiemandie said...

that bench is totally perfect. :)

Catherine at Design Editor said...

I am obsessed with this color combo. Love what you pulled together for it.

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