08 February 2012

am a fan

am a fan of this voluspa goji & tarocco orange candle. perfect for valentine's day.
am a fan of black licorice caramels. they remind me of my mom.
am a fan of the new bonsai tree postage stamps.
am (still) a fan of nail polish (fruity petutie, kook-a-mango and pat on the black)
am a fan of this orange skinny belt. it is my new favorite favorite; it goes with everything.
am a fan of free boy-friendly valentine printables by fancy graphic designers.
am a fan (more like, obsessed with) rebekka's blog (and red nails, lips and darling hat)!
am a fan of fashionista + red lip inspiration here, hereherehere and here.
am a fan of homemade cupcakes for valentines. do cupcakes ever get old?
am a fan of awesome business cards at ALT.
am a fan of kelly purkey's dream house inspiration.
am a fan of these two incredible quotes.
am (such) a fan of this tee shirt. want one for everyone in my family.
am a fan of this erin loechner portrait by justin hackworth and this art-lovers quote too.
am a fan of these vintage winnie the pooh baby shower invites.
am a fan of jordan's love / hate lists about living in paris.
am a fan of the new HGTV magazine. it's full of good things.
am a fan of danni's details; check out this hotel room baby shower for melanie.
am a fan of this summery scarf from old navy. makes me want to go sailing.
am a fan of classy colorful sunglass cases. my cousin sarah's new biz, avenue lou!
am a fan of broccoli salad. mmmm. mmm.
am a fan of this clip. so genuine. so hilarious. i love it.
am a fan of spring cleaning; organizing one closet at a time. tune in tomorrow for a peek. 


Cecilia said...

so poetic.
I love Rebekka's blog too :) and so much more of this list.

{amy k.} said...

when i saw kristen bell on ellen i developed a girl crush. that clip is just too cute and no matter how many times i watch it i'm not sure if i should laugh or tear up with kristen. love these posts!

the dibers said...

am a fan of am a fan by the awesome marta dansie! so fun. you made my afternoon:)

missy said...

Love those mini tees. I want one for every member of my family as well, but I will admire from afar. At $25 a pop, 8 of them would be hard to justify. They are, at the end of the day, still t-shirts.

Your blog always makes me smile. :)

sunny said...

love your favorite things! I still wear only sally hansen professional nail polish because you introduced me to it!

now that clip from the ellen show...so sweet. I laughed out loud - it definitely brightened my gloomy evening!

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