14 March 2012

too busy to stay and chat / but first, a few things

pretty print (just $15) from little things studio 

+ the other day at the park, benji saw two ladies walking on the trail and said, we're much too busy to walk. we've got to get to that playground! i love three year olds and their go-get-em / let's live it up attitudes. we played red light, green light for forty minutes last night before stories.

+ am working like a busy bee at my real job; designing. it's wedding season and i couldn't be more excited about the invitations brewing.

+ if i'm not working in my studio i could be caught eating Phish Food and reading the Hunger Games. am on the last chapter and am torn on whether or not i should finish it tonight. of course i will, but i just hate finishing up a good book! luckily two more await.

+ thank you for your insightful thoughts on bravery from my last post. i needed your advice. i love when this place becomes a forum of good, helpful exchanges.

+ i've loved hanging out with our families lately. i feel so thankful for their friendships (and to live nearby!). i'm a sentimental fool these days and can't imagine life without them.

+ we're planning a pizza night with friends; what are your favorite pizza toppings? am thinking the pioneer woman's basil-tomato pizza from the back of her love story book will be excellent. (seriously, that was such a quick wholesome romantic wonderful read.. i highly recommend it. again.)

+ for some odd reason i rarely make pancakes from scratch but have decided to start. (how's that for a resolution?!) pancakes are listed among dan's favorite food groups. (my go-to are the baked puffy german pancakes, but alas, dan loves the original round cakelets.) so i read through a few recipes and was blown away at the idea of adding the egg yolks and whipping them in with the flour and milk, etc., but whipping the egg whites separately and then folding them in at the very end. fluffy, addicting, incredible pancakes. where have i been? then add blueberries, ala curious george makes pancakes, and voila, i'm falling in love with pancakes again.

+ pinterest is still holding my interest. no matter what my mood.

+ our cloud dough is still working wonders; i guess it may last forever. it's the best i-have-to-sweep-anyway project to bust out before bath time.

+ any big family traditions for st. patty's day? am racking my brain for something simple and fun. all i know is we are for sure making mint brownies.

+ my favorite thing about march thus far is our standing weekly lunch date with dan. it's the perfect answer for late night worker bees like us. we dress up to match daddy's attire, head out and walk the busy sidewalks as a family and decide last minute where to eat. and play catch up over ketchup. (last week it was havarti and turkey.) it makes me super happy.

+ one thing to get off my chest: many of you wrote me the nicest emails when i was having my mini blogging crisis at the beginning of the year (so glad that's over). i've been meaning to respond and still haven't been able to find the time (or the right words). enter guilty feeling here. please know i'm so grateful for every single one of you and your added efforts to write me a line and cheer me on (and read and support my blog). seriously, i save those emails for rainy days. thank you.

+ will be posting lightly for awhile. i'll be back on the saddle soon. i'm just tying up some loose ends. and reading books in bed (with Tums by my side) like a crazy (pregnant) person.


Heather said...

this list brought me a big smile.:D

As for St. Patrick's Day tradition - my mother used to add a few drops of green food coloring to the milk before we arrived to the kitchen for breakfast, growing up. We were always so surprised to see that the Leprechaun deemed our house LUCKY! with his mark of green milk ;)

cecilia said...

st. patty's day tradition? recently we have been making corned beef and cabbage, which is SO traditional it's almost boring. must think of a new spin on that, or something else altogether :)

we're in love with pancakes too, and lately we're obsessed with waffles! yum!

good luck with those loose ends.

Hannah said...

We always do a gold scavenger hunt. The kids chase rainbows and find a pot of gold candy at the end. It's super easy and fun. (I actually have printables for it on Sherbet Blossom.)

We are 2nd generation Americans on one side and our Irish roots still reign strong. We love eating traditional Irish stew and soda bread. (Also on my blog and delicious.)

Meant for a Moment Designs said...

This print is Beautiful. It stopped me in my tracks{!}
I loved reading your post. So many lovely insights. PS the Hunger Games ARE amazing aren't they? Have you heard that J.K Rowlings is writing a new series for adults..?! and Lunch Dates sound awesome. Its great to be together when you are not exhausted from the day.

jacs23 said...


here is a link to our favorite pancakes and the key is definitely make them the night before. :)

The VIPs said...

It's not my own original idea but at our house for St. Patrick's Day we usually wake up to find that a mischevious leprechaun has been there and messed everything up! Our daughter is always surprised to come out to the living room and find throw pillows stacked precariously, pictures hanging askew, shoes on the table and other silly pranks. It seems that as the leprechaun hops around our house causing trouble some chocolate gold coins fall out of his pockets- there's always some scattered on the floor. That little rascal. :)


Meg Grant said...

Pizza idea: little bit of marinara sauce, proscuitto, asparagus, and one egg...you crack the egg right onto the toppings and it is divine! (I, too, was skeptical, but am now a believer in the Roman pizza!)
We are Irish through and through so we listen to Celtic music all day, have a big family dinner of corned beef and cabbage, and let the kiddos design their own leprechaun traps. They've yet to catch one, but our leprechaun always leaves them a little goody bag of joy for their efforts!

Staci Rocha said...

The names of our little Leprechauns that come to visit our house are MIKE & IKE, they even have a candy named after them that they always leave ;)

And they leave a real gold dollar coin hidden in a silly spot.

Thanks for all you share!

I love reading your blog :)

[eeny] said...

Three year olds just say the cutest things - of course he is to busy to walk =)

I finally gave in to reading the hunger games too. Just orderd the boxed set today. Can't wait to start reading tomorrow.

Sarah said...

I always surprise my kiddos with Lucky Charms for breakfast, and then we have a green dinner: pasta with pesto, green beans, kiwi and honeydew melon, etc. and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert!

Amanda said...

I love your writing, Marta. I also love the way you make everyday life so fun!

Tara Celeste said...

Love this post for so many reasons! Some thoughts to share - bringing my little boy to the playground is one of my favorite things to do, my favorite pizzas are topped with pineapple and mozzarella or brie, apples, and walnuts - fancy! German pancakes are just the best and so are The Hunger Games - couldn't put them down! My Saint Patrick's Day tradition is making my grandmother's Irish soda bread (recipe here - http://thetinyhummingbird.blogspot.com/2010/03/irish-soda-bread.html). And lastly, I'm glad your mini blogging crisis is over :)

kate said...

thanks for posting my print! -kate

Anonymous said...

Blueberry cornmeal pancakes with REAL maple syrup! You haven't lived until you've had 'em!

Your little Ben is the perfect age to look for leprauchans outdoors & make a trap. We started our Ben on it, and the first year it was a simple box that he drew a rainbow on. We propped it up with a stick. The next morning, we went out with flashlights (even though it was 8 AM) and a pillowcase in case we caught one! So exciting to find a little green piece of fabric from the leprauchan's shirt & some gold coins (my husband travels). You must try it!


molly said...

thank you for the mint brownie recipe - i'm going to a friend's house saturday night and have been searching for a festive recipe all week :)

Melissa A said...

Just read that Pioneer Woman, Love Story Book. Found it by accident when looking up her recipe books after seeing her on the food chanel. Ordered it from Amazon. Read it in three days. Very good book. Now off to see about those recipe books.

Erin@lovesomeblog.com said...

Making Irish Soda bread is always so much easier than I think it will be. And my boys love making it with me. Look for a recipe with buttermilk. I'd send you mine but I lose it every year. Guess who I call the get it March 16? My Italian mother-in-law. That's just wrong.

Caitlin said...

this quote is awesome. thanks. I love catching up on your blog, Marta!

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