30 March 2012

traditional trail mix and a personal Q&A

a long-standing tradition in my family has been whipping up a giant batch of conference trail mix in honor of the semi-annual LDS general conference (an incredible, two day televised event featuring speakers who discuss topics of faith, family and God). as young kids we'd use the pieces to fill in the squares of conference bingo; as adults we all munch thru cup fulls and give most of the nuts and raisins to my dad. i loved sitting atop the counter as a little girl to help my mom dump in and stir the treats together. every year the mix seemed to feature additional candy options: chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, peanut butter m&m's, craisins, etc. she liked to make a little twist on the traditional treat. however–ever since i can remember–gumdrops are always an essential. and on goes the tradition in my little family. happy general conference weekend.

side note // today i'm answering some fun questions for a Blogger Q&A over on jodie's fantastic blog. i'm divulging my favorite comfort foods, first movie star crush, bad habits, and much more.


cathy said...

Marta, the link to jodie's blog isn't working... could you fix it just for me????

marta said...

the interview link is fixed!! thanks for letting me know. happy weekend!

Josie said...

How fun is it buying candy in bulk!? I can remember as kid it was a wonderland of goodies. Now there are no stores near me that do it.
After reading your interview I must try the suave dry shampoo..I am sucker for all kinds of beauty products. Happy Weekend!

John said...

) great tradition Martha) Thank you for sharing) It's great when familes stay close even after so much years!)

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