19 April 2012

am a fan

am a fan of simple ink. look at this gorgeous letterpress print. thank you, amy!
am a fan of prepping for weekend parties; a baby shower for bff little whit.
am a fan of baking bread again. made four loaves yesterday, crusts only a little burnt.
am a fan of sydney's style and cheerful persona. the daybook blog is on my daily faves list.
am a fan of the local library. am loving flipping through this and re-reading this book.
am a fan of dan coming home from a business trip. airport reunions are the best.
am a fan of sarah carey's simple recipe videos from Everyday Food. thanks, heed!
am a fan of landing on this collage of jackie o. snapshots.
am a fan of sunny park days. rain, rain, go away.
am a fan of taking a peek at danni's fabulous little notebook.
am a fan of hearing benj say the phrase, speaking of jets...
am a fan of the bright skinny jean trend; now available in maternity. hip, hip.
am a fan of asparagus and finally learning how to prepare it; perfect every time.
am a fan of busting out the barbecue. twice already this week.


Melissa said...

I recently discovered the daybook blog and also am a fan! And I'm loving the bright skinny jeans look too.

[eeny] said...

love your am a fan list.

Sydney's blog is one of my faves too. And Asparagus...mhh yum...my favorite vegetable ever. PW's new cook book is fabulous - already cooked a couple dishes - they never disappoint =)

Mary said...

Oh I love that print. I think you just told me what I need to get my sister as a gift - she's expecting twins and soon!

Mary @ Noah Baby said...

Love these links!

cecilia said...

speaking of jets...i love that!

my daughter (2) would probably say, "speaking of princesses." someday. :)

Jen Holtkamp said...

i love asparagus and colored *maternity* skinny jeans!

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