14 May 2012

29 weeks / a broadway baby

we are still stuck singing grease tunes, rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga dong, in this household. and it seems as though this babe is bouncing right along with the lyrics. i must take full advantage as there is only so long in a boy's life wherein he will tolerate his mother's music choices (and bop around in the car to them). the belly is definitely big. my favorite thing is when benj and i read stories (side by side these days instead of on my lap) and he rests the crook of his elbow on my bulging stomach, as a handy little armrest. plus, now i have a nice dry spot for resting my book on while in the tub. my doc even called it an official basketball belly. i think there was a compliment in there somewhere about my narrow hips, but still, you never get used to people saying how big you are growing. it's an odd thing. but oh, what a worthy cause it is.

these days, i ...
am sleeping with a million pillows and the ceiling fan swirling.
am keeping the ice trays full for big gulps of water.
am loving maxi dresses. this dress is my fave. it is so comfy.
am just starting to dive into this book.
am planting flowers left and right (i am new at gardening)!
(my latest love is creeping purple phlox...)
am loving my upbeat cheerful doctor.
am stocking up on limes (on sale for 8 cents each)!
cilantro chicken soup is on the menu this week.
am attempting to cut back on baking sweets.
(we just polished off some pumpkin chocolate chip bread.)
am so grateful for motherhood, in all its forms.
am so thankful i am in the portion of life where motherhood defines me.

hope your weekend was happy. xo.


Amanda said...

Life sounds sweet right now. Isn't it awesome?

Audrey said...

Marta, that is such a gorgeous picture above. The "basketball belly" is adorable. Glad the pregnancy is still going so well.

Unknown said...

You are beautiful friend. :)

quilter5706 said...

Love, Love, Love the look. You are so cute. Glad that you share these pictures with us. You are adorable at this stage. Am so glad that this time is going so well for you and Mr. D.

lesa said...

You look beautiful!

Melissa said...

You look so cute Marta. And Grease is the bomb!

jessi bridges said...

That dress looks SUPER comfortable!! I lovi maxi skirts and dresses right now. They are simply the best.

And you look so great!!

Moments and Impressions said...

brilliant babies love show tunes... right? looking so cute. I love maxi dresses right now too - I have a really hard time crossing my legs with this belly :)

Jen Holtkamp said...

you look great! i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on 'bringing up bebe' looks really interesting!

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