08 May 2012

introspection no. 05

am feeling high as a kite these days as two big wedding invitations (that i designed!) are in the mail and being sent out into the world. i always tell dan, the design process isn't over until the fat lady sings i see the finished product (without any errors) in my hands!

the designs i've been involved in lately have revved my excitement to revamp my website, photograph my designs better and get rolling on re-working and refining my graphic design business. i want to offer more readily available invitations of all kinds. i'm especially thrilled about my first invitation design printed via letterpress by my dear friend miranda! i have yet to feel those puppies in my hands, but from her instagram shots, they are lookin' lovely. yay for awesome collaboration efforts.

i get impatient when ideas are a-brewing and i have nothing to show for them. but–like the babe growing in the belly–i must remind myself, all good things take time.

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