19 June 2012

summer favorites / beauty edition

my days have been filled with summer fun; i am feeling like a real mom lately. every morning benj and i head to swimming lessons. i throw on a maxi skirt and a ponytail for the occasion, we run errands and to the library and then grab a celebratory happy meal to eat at the park on a whim. (he jumped off the diving board!!) life is oh so lovely. a summer wedding is coming up and the traditional MS bike ride is right around the corner. family is visiting and then it will be the fourth of july before we know it! i will be dipping in and out of blogging all summer long. for now, here are a few favorites from my quick summer beauty routine. do tell, what are you loving lately?

+ bobbi brown long-wear cream eye shadow is my go-to swipe-on and out the door fix.
+ dermalogica skin refining masque is a part of my weekly bathing regimen.
+ as is baking soda as my cheap body scrub exfoliant.
+ bath and body works makes a decent self-tanner for my poor legs that rarely see the sun.
+ sephora sells benefit bad gal lash in a mini travel size which i love.
+ moroccan oil (also available in trial size) smells amazing and really does help heal the hair.
+ fresh sugar lemon body lotion is light with just the right amount of citrus.
+ clinique chubby moisturizing lip stick in whole lotta honey is the perfect nude shade and gives a nice moist mwwaaahhh without any sticky shine; i seriously love this stuff.
+ am thrilled with these sweet button-covered ponytail holders.
+ i'm convinced–for us fair freckled friends–bobbi brown carries the best bronzing powder out there. and this stuff lasts forever.


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I totally just snatched up that ponytail! Love it! :) I've been using baking soda to exfoliate my face, actually- I never even considered using it all over! And I'm going to look into that lip color. :)

Happy first day of summer!

Unknown said...

i always love your posts about beauty products. real products that really work & don't break my budget :)

Hannah said...

I must give a "hear, hear" to b&bw self tanner, bad gal lash and moroccan oil. I use all three of those. Moroccan oil has been a favorite of mine for several years. I love the way is makes my hair feel.

As a beauty product junkie, I loved this post!

Hannah said...

I've also found my holy-grail blush! I've never been a big blush person until I splurged on the Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush! It's amazing. Check it out next time you are in Sephora.

Jen Holtkamp said...

i'm also loving clinique's chubby stick. i have it in 'mighty mimosa' :)

Em-Jae said...

Awwww, congrats on the jumping-off-the-diving-board moment -- too cute!

I looooove self tanner and moroccan oil in the summertime too.

As a fellow girl with freckles, I'll also highly recommend bobbi brown's tinted moisturizer. Just enough tint to even out skin tone to perfection, but it's not a cakey cover-up that'll hide freckles. Hiding freckles is just wroooooong in my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are so much fun, I really enjoy them. My summer go-to product is Garnier Curl Scrunch--so easy (if you have wavy or curly hair). Damp hair, add a teeny bit of gel--scrunch & go! I am going to check out the Clinique chubby stick!

Elizabeth said...

I love Moroccan Oil! The smell is wonderful, and I actually can see what a difference it makes. I've really been interested in other oils and natural remedies to skin/hair problems. I also use Coconut oil as a lotion and Grape Seed oil for my face. I was so terrified to use an actual oil on my face!! I thought it would completely block my pores and then I would break out miserably... but it has been excellent! As an oil it also helps heal, as well as moisturize, so even old scars are beginning to diminish.

Amanda said...

I love lists like this! I was excited to see what your faves are because you always look put together but not like it took you hours. I agree about the moroccan oil!

Jen said...

Hi Marta - I just wanted to thank you for being a joyful part of my life. I look forward to reading your posts and know when I'm having a rough day that they will cheer me up. Thanks for being an inspiration :) off to the Clinique counter now!

Laney said...

Okay, I seriously love your blog. I made your fiesta summer salad for a family dinner on Sunday and loved it, and I have now decided I need like 8 of these beauty products. Thanks for sharing! I love lists like that.

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