02 July 2012

preschool project / learning with beanbags

i found these small beanbags at a school supply store and thought they may come in handy someday. (i am dreaming up a cousins carnival, which may or may not ever happen this summer.) however we've had plenty of fun playing with them on lazy mornings. who knew simple beanbags could be so entertaining and versatile?! since i keep them with the art supplies benji thinks the beanbags are pretty special. the other day we got them out along with three containers (big, medium, small) and we made up games; sorted them by color, talked about empty vs. full, counted them, stacked them up tall, discussed what a pattern is and then, as per usual, introduced cars into the mix. i love letting these little preschool 'lessons' drive themselves. my favorite thing was when the yellow dice suddenly turned into the neighborhood gas station.


whit said...

So cute!! I love these pictures and you are so creative! I love it!!

Travelin'Oma said...

Benji is a lucky little preschooler.

Kyle Kelly, PA said...

Im adding this is my list of things to make with my kid on rainy days...however with this heat I don't see any rain in the near future.

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