18 July 2012

right now.

illustration by kit & adam of trafalgar square etsy shop.

right now i'm oohing over these sweet illustrations (all on sale)!
am loving the patterned lines of freshly mowed lawns, family walks,
the late-in-the-evening sunshine,
and the watermelon slices stacked up high in my fridge.
did you know a nice fat yellow spot on a watermelon is a good thing?!
it means it rested for enough time on the ground to ripen in the sun.
right now i have a pile of paperwork that needs sorting.
i've been ignoring it for days.
right now his little baby thump thumps from the inside are making me smile.
right now i am post-it-noting this cookbook like crazy.
i always read cookbooks from back to front. magazines too.
we bought the babe a little present; benji picked out a stuffed puppy.
he seems genuinely excited to give it to his baby brother.
am corralling my nail polish into a pretty basket to contain my enthusiasm.
elephantastic pink and hot and spicy by O.P.I. are my latest faves.
i'm loving the summer rainstorms that hit hard for an hour and then pass by.
right now i'm passionately writing to-do lists as if they were love letters.
i should gather them up and make a book of them.
back pains are rolling in like thunder, reminding me of this little thing called labor.
my mom made me a turkey avocado sandwich for lunch today.
like being right back in the kitchen of my childhood. on those red barstools.
she butters that bread like nobody's business.
everything felt right in the world.


diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

oy vey, those last few images you painted for us are beautiful!

missy said...

I read magazines from back to front, too! It makes me smile knowing I'm not the only one. :)

Jaimie said...

great list. i am also a chronic list maker and seriously.. they are my favorite art. : ) also, ina garten is awesome and i would looove to meet her charming butt some day!

{amy k.} said...

those prints are amazing- now i'm just debating which ones i want in baby girl's nursery! thanks for the heads up on the sale!

i too am a serious list maker.... it's one of those things that just helps to get the chaos out of my head. even if then it's only on paper!

Amanda said...

"right now" is the best time :)

Kate Sullivan said...

Oh thank you! I LOVE these prints. I've been looking for the perfect thing to put in my daughter's nursery (now that we have a house and I can decorate her nursery!). You made my day!

Carly said...

those prints are darling. and i love the barefoot contessa, although i've only cooked a few of her recipes. hope you'll share the ones you try and love!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you and your family. I absolutely enjoy reading your posts. You made me smile when you said your mom butters bread "like nobody's business". That is something my sister and I would say.

michy said...

"writing to-do lists as if they were love letters." wow. wow wow wow.

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