22 July 2012

wedded bliss / lucy & robbie

a month ago dan's darling niece lucy was married for eternity in the salt lake LDS temple. i've loved getting to know her and watch her grow up while i've been a part of this family. (she was just a tiny blonde kid when we were married!!) these two lovebirds graduated from college this spring and are headed to UCLA this fall. i love that lucy is a brain and a beauty too. she and dan can talk books and philosophy for hours. (i've always thought she had dan's eyes too. though–in this family–everyone seems to inherit those giant dark chocolate pudding eyes.) she seemed to be such a cool, collected, calm bride; enjoying her day as much as her guests did. their garden wedding celebration was simply gorgeous. 

my favorite details //
+ stacked vintage books, cranes and flowers as simple centerpieces.
+ the origami cranes! lucy and friends folded a thousand white cranes for her big day!
+ i loved seeing them swooping, strung and perched throughout the party.
+ the beautiful outdoor setting complete with a croquet set for the kids!
+ an ice cream cart full of dazzling choices. (i scream. you scream. we all scream.) 
+ two wedding cakes baked by her two sisters.
+ best tradition (and homemade cakes!) ever.
+ lucy's beautiful wedding gown and happy, happy smile.

view the much better shots of lucy and robbie on michelle lehnardt's photography blog. she captured them so perfectly. here are their formal photos (sooo lovely) and bright and sunny engagement shots.

p.s. remember this? lucy's little sister sophie dreamed up this alice in wonderland party.


Amanda said...

Oh Marta, I checked out the photography blog and I have to say, they are a beautiful couple! He looks like he is enamoured with her :)

P.S. That photo of yours of the boys sharing their treats is so sweet! (no pun intended :)

hairyshoefairy said...

Is that Garden Park Ward? I see snippets in the photos that look like it might be. I love that place! It looks like a beautiful wedding and celebration.

Ihilani said...

B-E-A-U-tiful! I just adore her dress and her easy, no-full style. To this day I wish I had my wedding outdoors. You look radiant by the way!

HAS said...

What a beautiful bride! I love that she went sans make-up for her wedding photos! (on the photographer's site) She is beautiful and did not need anything to 'enhance' her natural beauty. I loved her dress and the garden setting.
Thank you for sharing these gorgeous moments of your family!

Lettie B. said...

You had me at ice cream. And I love Michelle's pictures of them. Her sister is married to Nate's brother and I have been admiring her work for years (both writing and photography). Looking at the pictures again I realized I had already seen them a few days ago or so and was especially impressed that Dan's niece just wanted to look natural for the pics and not all glamed up. Very pretty girl.

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