13 September 2012

a reason to cry at nine a.m.

my sister heidi emailed me about this story and this sweet song by taylor swift.
am going to go hug my boys tighter right now. have a wonderful day.


Audrey said...

That is incredibly touching ~ it's hard to imagine just how much that song means to Ronan's mother. It's heart-breaking to listen to and it did make me sob. So beautiful ~ thank you for sharing, Marta!

Hil said...

I saw this the other day and only made it half way through. I had to stop listening because I was sobbing. Such a beautiful and sad story that reminds us all to hold on to our little ones a little more and a little tighter.

Annie said...

It sure did make me cry! Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

The Thompson's are family friends and it is great to see you share their story on your blog. It's important that we all know about how terrible cancer is and help find a cure or more life saving treatments. Thanks.

Melissa said...

And at 4:54PM in the afternoon. :(

Amanda said...

Oh, wow, definitely a reason to cry! Thank you for sharing, Marta. I don't have kids, so maybe you can give your boys an extra squeeze? And I'm sure this will make me show my preschool students some extra love tomorrow.

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