11 October 2012

today is ten, eleven, twelve

today i will post an unedited snapshot of me and seth.
look at that hair! and look how tired we both look.
dan always tells me he loves my freckles. (here they are!)
today i will sip some cider.
and walk benji to pre-school.
and then walk him back home after a few hours.
and enjoy crunching the first fallen leaves.
today i will rock my babe and make him smile.
he has the best giant grin. his eyes twinkle, people.
today i will make soup in the crockpot. or maybe chili.
and i'll play pirates with benji.
and discuss costumes.
and read berenstein bears and the spooky old tree.
today i will make my bed. (and maybe nap on it too.)
and wipe the counters.
and sweep the floors.
and maybe catch a little kelly & michael.
i will play catch up with my inbox.
and maybe pull out my winter wardrobe.
which sounds a lot more glamourous than it is.
really it's more like dusting off a giant rubbermaid bin.
today i will wonder if miranda has had that baby!
and launder more clothes.
and maybe fold them during 30 rock.
today i will likely not put on a stitch of makeup.
but i will rake through my hair several times with fingers.
today i'll dive into some design archives for a client.
and perhaps clear off my desk. but not likely.
today i'll try to eat something healthy.
i cut up some broccoli into friendly little tree bites.
experts say that means i'll eat it.
today i will clean out the fridge. because i love a clean fridge.
and i'll marvel at dozens of polished green apples waiting for caramel.
today i'll feed and soothe and rock and repeat.
today i'll wonder about a new book. i'm on a roll.
just finished and thoroughly loved this one and
then quickly read (and laughed my way through) this one too.
we're listening to this lately
and am dying to get out christmas cds.
even though there are cottony cobwebs on the shutters outside.
i love halloween. am so happy it's fall.
enjoy the day, friends.
happy ten, eleven, twelve.


Jodie Noted said...

This post was wonderful. What a great way to plan a day.

Moments and Impressions said...

This makes me smile... the walking Benji home and the rocking a soothing. We have similar days Marta. Reading this just m ade mine brighter. Off to snuggle someone.

summer said...

I totally agree with Nessa. LOVE. and amen to christmas cds! as soon as it gets chilly in our house I am dying for them :)

Pink Little Cake said...

Wonderful post and adorable baby. I remember those days.

Anonymous said...

Look how adorable you are! Look at that sweet baby! And how cute is your list of to do's today? Only you can make a to do list sound this great. You are one busy bee today!! Happy 10.11.12!

Travelin'Oma said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

I love your day. And Seth's gorgeous baby red hair!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this post. it's perfect.
thank you. thank you. thank you.

Amanda said...

I love posts like this! They make me happy :)

And I think we could be friends, Marta. Your posts always make me wish we were. I used to love watching Regis and Kelly. And I was singing Christmas songs this week!

Happy weekend to you!

Jessica said...

Finally getting a chance to comment... usually reading while nursing and then forget to come back :) This sounds amazingly a lot like my days recently... I mean... almost identical except we are well into winter clothes here in NY :)

Thanks for your post! loved it.

Josie said...

great post
don't worry i got out my christmas cds already
if you have brocolli - try pioneer woman's brocolli cheese soup - so good on a chilly fall day
Happy Friday to you and your boys

Jessica said...

I loved this, I read every word! What a beautiful, simple life. And I love you without makeup. Freckles are the best.

Miss G said...

I love his hair color! We're partial to that color around here. :) Kelly

Unknown said...

You inspired me to clean my house even before I read this post today! How I'd love a slice of your organizational skills! Thanks for letting me look up to you!

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