17 November 2012

did i mention he is smiling now / and other happy things.

in his star pj's. / almost four months old.

little sweet seth has conquered the giant gummy grin. it's our favorite and makes me go bonkers each time he does it. benji climbs over and perches over the crib to watch his brother grin and sometimes even giggle. it's this darling chuckle, that sometimes suddenly turns into a cry. but he's a pretty happy camper and–as moms often say–i can't imagine life without our little redhead hanging out with us. his eyes are turning a deeper blue and his nose is a little ski slope. he is wide eyed and curious. he recently discovered his hands and watches them intently. i can't get over how simple and sweet and slow and lovely a life with a baby is. i mean, yes, it's crazy and fast paced and nights are still topsy turvy, but when i see him in his bouncer just checkin' out his tiny fist, it makes me smile. and then he smiles. and then i pinch his little hedgehog cheeks.

topping the list of other happy things...

+ i just finished The Truth About Style by stacy london. (it's not the typical style / fashion book. it goes beyond that.) you guys, i loved it. i think you will too. if you like fashion, stacy london or any self-help, feel better about body image and just suck it up and get a kick in the pants to accept what you were given and celebrate style.. it's a must-read. my mom let me borrow it. she knows the best books.

+ i have yet to find a blue nail polish that i like, until now (suzi says feng shui in OPI). this is unexpected and novemberish, moody and reminds me of van gogh starry starry night. i am sure he's rolling over in his grave at that comparison, but still.

+ i get to make the stuffing for thanksgiving! what kinds of additions do you like in your stuffing? i like apples and sausage and sage..

+ dan is making pioneer woman's flat apple pie for my family's annual pie night. mmm. mm.

+ we had a huge snowstorm last week. benji played in it for hours. i got used to scraping the windshield again and the effort of bundling babies up. oh the joys of warm boots and cocoa. still loving darn tough brand socks. dan surprised me with a new pair.

+ in the beauty department, i got eyelash extensions from a friend (seriously amazing) and dyed my hair dark (wowza). i'm basically a whole new person. get excited.

+ recently i rented the katy perry documentary (no shame) from red box when dan was working late. so, basically, i'm still the same ol' me. with a nursing babe and loads of laundry, there is lots of tv to be watched. lacking cable... i've been suckered into The Voice, Dancing With the Stars or DWTS for people in the know (i detest long random acronyms), and The Mindy Project. what are you watching?

+ along with james bond, we are planning on watching Elf over the thanksgiving holiday. i still wish will ferrell wouldn't pour syrup over his spaghetti. it gets me everytime. and we'll surely be avoiding black friday doorbusters and instead wiggling seth into his little bear suit and stomping around in the snow with little cousins. and then bundling up in front of the fireplace.

+ can't wait to plan the long list of to-dos for december with dan on the long car ride. we usually read a silly people magazine and then dive into discussion. there are so many festive activities to think about, especially now that benji is in the magic age. looking forward to writing letters to santa, seeing christmas lights, and meeting the man himself (again). sending cards, wrapping gifts. perhaps hosting another girls night or dipping pretzels. and definitely making mom's apple cake with best ever sauce at some point. what are you most excited for? let the holidays begin. 

happy thanksgiving.
i am oh so thankful for you.


brooke said...

Seth is such a beautiful baby and that little grin is adorable!

I have always had a girl crush on Stacey London..will definitely be getting that book!

I like craisins in my stuffing.

Eyelash extensions are the bomb..i want to see a picture of your new hair!

I am envious of the Dansie tradition of Thanksgiving in SV. Enjoy!!

Ashley Antkowiak said...

Such a great post! Your little one is adorable and makes me excited for my 3rd to get here soon! :)

We are going to really decorate this year, as opposed to putting up the tree on christmas eve last minute last year! We have more energy now that the little ones are a bit older, and we think they'll love seeing our halls all decked :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Camilla said...

i want to see the eyelash extensions. where did you have them done? love reading your blog.

whit said...

oh my.. little Seth is a little piece of heaven. love the post, love the hair, love the lashes...love it all

Dawn said...

Such a charmer!
I love chestnuts in stuffing. And I'm also addicted to The Voice, but it's The Voice of Germany, because I live in Austria. :)

Erin Walsh Design said...

He is just darling! What a sweet face and so happy :)

diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

i just love reading your posts when you talk about your family. the love oozes through every word. i know i've left similar comments before, but your authenticity is so evident. makes me smile :)

Unknown said...

marta- he's darling! What a sweetie!!

Linn @ The Home Project said...

Hi Marta,

What a lovely post! Seth is too precious, and your take on approaching holiday times sound so inviting and full of atmosphere!

Stuffing: I agree sausage, apple and sage is nice, cornbread can also be great for a change. A combination of nuts or just walnuts can also be nice.

Watching: Battleground on Hulu (fun!) Numb3rs on Netflix (which I watch partly because I love their house!). Your mention of Elf really put me in the mood to re-watch that one again (for the 5th time or so!)

Happy Holidays!

summer said...

LOVE reading your blog, as always Marta!!
Yes, and yes please to everything... Mindy Project & Dancing of course, blue polish, Elf, pie night, and sausage & sage!? You are a girl after my own heart. And those heavy tv/nursing days do not seem far away. I totally get it :)

Where to begin with those Seth pictures? He's perfect. Such a headturner with those eyes! He looks like you :) Also, I am jealous of his pajamas and sheets.

Let's get these holidays rolling!

[eeny] said...

aawww, baby smiles are just the sweetest. can't believe cute little seth is already 4 months.

i am on the hunt for the perfect blue nail polish too. i want a navy blue with no shimmer. seems to be impossible to find.

Christie said...

That baby is ridiculously adorable and I can't wait to snuggle him in about a month. Squee!!

Also? I demand an entire post on the eyelash extensions. I'm thinking of getting my own and want your thoughts. Please???!!

Hannah said...

I own that same blue...although I've only been brave enough to wear it on my fingers a handful of times. I do love it.

Seth is adorable. I have a special place in my heart for red headed boys.

cay said...

As a redhead who will never have red-headed babies (I married an Asian man!), I have a crush on all gingers. Your little Seth has joined the ranks.

Josie said...

my favorite weekend of the year
so much to be thankful for
family time, game nights, movie date nights with dh, holiday movies the family, lots and lots of good food - filling the grocery cart with those "special extras" - planning for christmas - decorating..

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