07 November 2012

pinhole press / family gift ideas

am loving all of these personalized gifts from pinhole press. i gave dan one of these last year for his office and he's already requested another. i have no affiliation with this company, i just love their fine quality goods!

working on a giant puzzle while waiting around for thanksgiving dinner sounds really cozy and charming. (i think i'm getting old. i hate puzzles. but sitting around doing nothing but hunting for pieces while talking to favorite faces sounds mighty fine right about now.)

are you starting your christmas lists? are you already all finished shopping? the catalogues are arriving and my sharpie is out writing down ideas. i don't necessarily buy anything. i just love seeing good ideas for decorations, color combos and such. there's a lot to learn from a pretty catalogue page; no purchase necessary! and of course, the christmas binder is out. hello holidays! 

 memory game / puzzle / calendar


Claire said...

Hooray for the return of the Christmas binder! I need to pull mine out, too.
I love these gift ideas, especially that calendar for Dan. Practical, yet memory-provoking. Perfect!

Linda Geertsen said...

Those are great gift ideas from Pinhole Press! I am liking the idea of ordering the Memory Game, and I discovered that they also offer Flash Cards. :)

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