10 January 2013

am a fan

am a fan of parents in plaid (holding grandbabe and spreading christmas cheer)!
am a fan of babies discovering their toes and coo-ing constantly.
am a fan of family reunions in log cabins!
am a fan of sleigh rides with the whole fam.
am a fan of kitchen karaoke with sisters and impressionable nieces.
(dixie chicks, abba and wilson phillips all in attendance.)
am a fan of light saber madness.
am a fan of coordinating hanna andersson jammies.
am a fan of flattering soft sweaters gifted from husbands.
am a fan of luna bars stuffed in my stocking.
am a fan of actually pulling off a few surprises!!
am a fan of sweet smelling conditioner.
am a huge fan of this. (that wedding dress! the white pennant banners!)
am a fan of starting new books and re-reading old favorites.
(resolution: read lots of books this year.)
am a fan of my vacuum still smelling like christmas pine needles.
am a fan of party planning. #makingconfettigarlands.
am a fan of pretending to know about hashtags.
am a fan of "picking my poisons" when it comes to social media.
am a fan of keeping it simple. #longliveblogging.
am a fan of clearing out the old and starting anew.
am a fan of making puppets with my preschooler.
am a fan of smooching on new years eve (even if it's at ten o'clock).
am a fan of oxiclean. i feel like i'm on a commercial every time i use it.
am a fan of landing a bit of a routine with my two-toothed tiny. #knockonwood.
am a fan of spontaneous dance parties while making eggs.
am (shockingly) a fan of night sledding.
am a fan of making fewer (yet smarter) resolutions this year.


Amanda said...

ooh I forgot about the vacuum cleaner smelling like pine needles after Christmas! I loved that!

Will you be sharing your resolutions?

Travelin'Oma said...

am a fan of laughing little boys!

[eeny] said...

love those "am a fan" lists of yours

Jen Holtkamp said...

january usually isn't the most exciting month but i've got a first birthday to plan which is making the month fly by. hooray for baby routines - blessed day! :)

Elise said...

Sunday evenings are now my favorite because of that show!
I made my hubby sit down and watch it with me. :)

me: am a fan of your blog!!!

summer said...

fun, fun post. loved it! my vacuum smells like cloves, which i highly recommend :)
i was able to swing a coupe bona fide surprises this time, too. yay for us!!

dandee said...

So glad you haven't given up on sharing your thoughts in this space. You are one of my faves and your Am A Fan posts are the best. Happy New Year, Marta! xo

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