21 February 2013

decorating book recommendation and dream house ideas

better homes & gardens small space decorating

when i get on a kick, i kind of get on a BIG kick. like benji and his latest excitement with ninjas (and weaponry). more on that later. so i picked up six or so books at the library about decorating. mainly because i had two hungry kids with me and i just grabbed a stack and checked them out. (i am searching for rug inspiration. any tips on where to get an amazing hand-hooked rug? one that won't cost a million dollars?) this book is the only one of the bunch i even liked. i stayed up all night reading it (and wishing i could circle stuff with sharpie and write notes in it). i got schooled on making a house a home. it's full of gorgeous pictures and straight talk about decorating. i'm a visual person when it comes to stuff like this.

here are some things i got out of it..
+ marble countertops in kitchen. on wishlist.
+ pretty light MINT walls in kitchen. yes, yes.
+ subway tile backsplash. yes yes. (no we're not re-doing our kitchen. ha!)
+ gallery photo wall. must-do list.
+ breakfast nook or at least a long farm table with benches. someday.
+ seasonal bedding choices.. why not!?! crisp whites! and lots of texture!
+ white kitchen cupboards and a giant farm house sink. and marble counters. and mint walls.

okay then. sometimes dreaming up plans is my perfect escape. (not unlike filling up an online shopping basket and never making a purchase!)


A Wife and her Carpenter said...

rugsusa.com and just type in 'hand hooked' They also have free shipping and are currently running a sale.

LOVE your kitchen ideas :) I've been dreaming of a similar one for years. Though mine also includes painting the lower cabinets a fun gray color.

Polly said...

daydreaming of home improvements is one of my favorite hobbies!

Unknown said...

i love all of these ideas! austin & i are constantly talking about our dream house... most of the ideas we know will never happen but it's the best to dream it up & decorate it in your mind!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for recommending that book! We're closing on a tiny 1951 Chicago bungalow in two weeks... and it hasn't really been updated since 1951. We'll be doing lots of work and I'll sure check out that book from the library! Thanks!

Sarah Kate Branine said...

+ breakfast nook or at least a long farm table with benches. someday.

yes, yes, yes! I'm with ya :)

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