12 February 2013

february is one of my favorites. / and a disclaimer.

waiting for mama to get ready for church, benji hangs out in the newly-painted living room. 

oh my, there is a lot of catching up to do.

disclaimer. i must admit, for better or worse, i no longer feel so attached to this blog that i have to keep it up to date on every single happening in life. it's a bit of a relief to know that i don't have to blogument every detail, as i once felt was necessary. having two kids and a home to take care of has put things in perspective for me. it has forced me to put first things first. it's good to look at the bigger picture. the other night my cousin asked if i missed blogging (regularly). i used to think about, plan out and check stats of my blog constantly. i was obsessed with google reader, gaining hits and making sure i was savvy enough to be a legit genuine blogger. being a blogger was my thing for awhile. i have (obviously) completely let that go. it feels good, sad in some ways that my organized scheduled neat post-it life has become chaotic and messy. but it is chaotic and messy in the best way and i'm trying to embrace it. i love the freedom of not trying to be a mass blogger and–instead–just do what i do, when i can and spill my words when they come. thanks for riding the wave with me. my dear mama-friends tell me that my feelings of being on a rollercoaster ride is pretty normal with baby numero dos. thank goodness for girlfriends and sistas who can pat me on the back and encourage me!

here are the recent details i'd hate to forget.
+ we (whit and i) painted the front room. this is the fifth room we've painted! we are sneaky; it was a surprise for dan's birthday. the best gift ever. he was shocked (and super happy). he loves benjamin moore revere pewter, so we slathered it on. it took a village (babysitters, helpers, secret keepers etc.), but we did it!

+ the boys were sick last week and in my arms the entire time. oh man, i hate it when something creeps up on us. fortunately i love their pediatrician! she is getting to know us (and benji's bear!) quite well. am realizing (once again) that motherhood is not for wimps!  it's the best job ever. and the most exhausting, full-time, round-the-clock job there is. so happy they're feeling better. better enough to get a temporary pirate ship tattoo placed on cheek and worn to church. yep, i would've done about anything to make him smile. use up all the band-aids for fun? check. puppet shows? check. extra bubbley baths? check. endless silly stories? check. letting him eat whatever he wants as long as his apetite is back? yes sir. remembering just how little and sweet and precious they are?! check, check.

+ valentine's in full swing. cupcake decorating, envelopes sealed with kisses and garlands hung. (the amour garland was made by my friend, sue!! she printed the letters on pages from a vintage dictionary!! darling, right?! how fun to have a friend who surprises me with pretty paper goods.)

+ trying out green eyeshadow (with nude lips) for a wild change. (i am digging MAC lucky green. a pinky paradisco is my usual go-to shade.) benji noticed and mentioned something about an armadillo. since we were walking out the door, i took it as a compliment. how much do you allow your uncensored children's comments dictate what you wear?

+ dan is thrilled with all this crazy snow we've gotten this winter. and his inherited snowblower. i love men and their can-do attitude when it comes to snow. dan turns into a boy, spinning donuts in parking lots. i splurged on a new H&M scarf to hold me over until spring comes. speaking of which, i love how benji comes into the kitchen searching for a snack saying, i'm just looking for something to hold me over. ha! he is his mama's boy.

+ my little man seth celebrated an unbirthday (6 months!!) and is rosy and so smiley. he charms everyone with his hedgehog cheeks and toothy grin. i put him in an orange striped shirt and he was like a blue-eyed little carrot. there is nothing more cheerful.

+ hmm. what else. baking and meal planning and a tad of reading have taken over my spare time. if you can call it that. i have started four new library books at once. this of course reminds me that i want to write a book. which of course reminds me that i can barely write an email. which of course reminds me to tell myself that there is a season for everything. tis the season to mother my boys.

p.s. can we please discuss downton abbey!? am loving it. genius twists and turns. how are you liking this season??


Eeny said...

in my opinion life is the best thing getting in the way of a blogging schedule. specially when two cute little boys like yours are involved.

i like that you throw in a blog post here and there. i'll be here to read you whenever you feel like or have time to. =)

Martha Rule said...

DA has traumatized me this season! Glad your boys are feeling better.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

first off loved the opening thoughts on the topic of blogging - so liberating! thank you for sharing that. it is something i have personally been processing myself. :)

and yes, DA - i cannot handle the fact that next week is the season finale. all the twists have def done a number on my heart! i hear next week is EVEN more of a twist!

Mary said...

Downton....ah! I'm still two episodes behind, and I think I may savor them a little longer. So good!

I love the occasional catch-up post, and of course all of us mamas out here understand the infrequency of posting. I've gone on breaks and changes throughout my blogging time. Gotta focus on what's important.

Hannah said...

Ah, blogging and motherhood. There doesn't seem to be time to be the best at both. I love reading about mommies who know their priorities. At three kids, I realized blogging was an impossibility. (And now with my fourth just days away, I'm sure even more hobbies will have to go.)

As for Downton Abbey...I've recently started watching. It's a great watch-while-working show. It doesn't require my full attention. I'm not a groupie yet, but I lack the attention span for most TV shows. The entirety of my female relations are obsessed, however. I'm trying to catch up so I can join in on the conversation.

Melissa said...

I'm slowing down on my blog a little as I am restructuring priorities. I still keep it up because its purpose is to journal our comings and goings, but I don't run in to my office each day to do it. I'm in my 40s and still learning lessons about being too busy to focus on the important stuff.

Downton is my favorite. Very traumatizing this season. I've watched the whole season including next week's Christmas episode. The writing is brilliant! I never thought I would care so much about what was happening downstairs AND upstairs at the same time. I love that the upstairs characters are kind to the servants. I love that many of the characters have integrity and compassion. It is the best show.

Tanya said...

You asked about your children dictating what you wear...when my daughter was 2 she went thru my closet, unhappy with everything she saw, which just made me think I didn't have enough princess attire. :) However, if either child is excited that I am suddenly "having a baby" -that dress goes AWAY! LOL!

Polly said...

i'm loving how the three men (Tom, Matthew and Robert are coming together as a force to turn Downton around.) Sunday night is a fav for me, will miss it after the grand finale!

Debie Grace said...

Your lifestyle sounds very satisfying. I hope one day I could have my own family as well and I hope that once I become a mother, I could handle it well just like you ;)

Anonymous said...

My computer crashed awhile back I lost all my favorite blogs I bookmarked. I was so sad I could not remember yours I knew it had write or writing in it. Yesterday I searched "benji's birthday" and after scrolling for a few seconds I found you. So glad I did not miss much, also glad you made the best decision for you.

holtkamp said...

revere pewter is so perfect! we watched DA when it came out in the UK because we just couldn't wait - this is a good season!

Daisy said...

Sigh. Not gonna lie, I check your blog everyday hoping for a post. Glad to hear you're enjoying life BUT... I'm selfish and miss your daily posts. I will take what I can get. :)
Recently had a miscarriage, our first babe, thought of you, re-red those blue posts and it has helped me heal, a little. We're trying and praying that we will be blessed again soon. Thanks Marta, for your blog. :)

Jessica Haderlie said...

So glad to have a word from you! I love green eyeshadow, a rarity that I do put on eyeshadow but I think green is flattering. And isn't DA just so.very.good!

I think blogging when you have the time and energy is the way to go. It usually gives for better content anyways. Enjoy those boys of yours!

Katy said...

I love Downton too. If you like this, I hope you guys in the US get Call the Midwife too. It's getting the same ratings as DA here in the UK.

Amanda said...

oh man, I'm only 2 episodes into Downton (season 1!), but i can't wait to watch more!

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