28 February 2013

pinspiration / living room makeover

here is a peek at one of my top secret pinterest boards. don't you love them!? after massive hand hooked rug research, i fell head over heels with that pretty graphic one, top left. i couldn't stop thinking about him and hope he's every bit as glorious as i've built him up to be. i wondered if that rug may paint me in a tiny box, decorating-wise. then i realized that one of my favorite artists, maynard dixon utilizes the full range of those same colors. thus, i am gaining more inspiration from the hues in his artwork; every blue imaginable, orangey reds, whites and creams into grays and tans and browns. earthy and vivid. we'll see how it whips into shape. i'm thinking a few accent pieces and pow, a whole new room.

for now we have:
benjamin moore revere pewter walls
honey-colored hardwood floors
white molding
pretty basic furniture that can roll with whatever hits it


LauraNic said...

Revere Pewter is my wall colour in the entire main space of my condo, and it is Amazing!!!

Amanda said...

so awesome, marta!

[eeny] said...

love the color combo - blue and orange will forever have a soft spot in my heart.

christine, just bella said...

I'm totally a fan of the 'secret boards' on pinterest!! I have a living room one started myself!

I love the colour combo you've got going on, that rug is fantastic!

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