10 June 2013

working into the wee hours to rebrand

a peek into my photo shoot with one of my very favorite wedding suite designs

i forgot how much fun (work, effort, craziness, and mania) goes into re-building a brand. (remember when i used to post all about running an online shop?!) these days i'm working hard on rebuilding my own! finally! #yay. last year i collected all my favorite designs and wedding invitations into an oversized leather portfolio, yet still hardly anyone has actually paged through it. my best clients seem to be found online (hooray! i love you, customers!) thus it's obvious i'm long overdue for a new website, better photos, a new logo, and a shop of ready-made designs for clients to hurry up and pick a party invitation without too much hassle. not everyone is gung-ho on waiting around for custom designs, so i am hoping to solve that dilemma. i'm gearing up. slow and steady, i'll get there. it's a big process, especially for a one woman show. thankfully my excitement is giving me adrenaline!

here is what i've managed thus far.
+ full fledged affair with instagram @martawrites
+ just put the finishing touches on a new mini mart shop logo
+ photographing my own designs (catching the sunlight is the trickiest!)
+ cropped, tweaked, photoshopped said product photos
+ uploaded photos into online shop

here is what i still have to do. (the short list)
+ update all that product verbiage in the shop
+ figure out prices, shipping postage, nitty gritty details
+ update main website / design another new logo
+ print new business cards, packaging, etc.
+ create even more products for shop (ideas are rolling in)
+ market, promote, create buzz, spread the word!


Jen Holtkamp said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see!

Amanda said...

Marta, this is so exciting! I can't wait to see everything come together! (Also, I LOVE that you're on Instagram now!)

Wedding Invitations Online said...

We are waiting for the results,keep us posted and show when your project gets done.

[eeny] said...

can't wait to see everything. yeah! that's so exciting. i just know it's going to be awesome.

Twig said...

yay yay yay! go you. cant wait for the reveal!

sarah {findingabundance} said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see what you and your one-woman show come up with.

Me said...

I love your blog and look forward to see the fruit from all of your hard work. You have great style and most of all your blog has meaningful content too. Awesome Instagram feed!

shopgirl said...

Looking forward to seeing it all Marta! I always enjoy the way you break down everything and its process.


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Don't miss out! Reese


wedding invitations said...

A really wonderful post. Keep em coming!

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