16 August 2013

shout outs (and small businesses!) all around

marta dansie designs / images via twig 

hello again. (i'm so rusty at blogging. ugg!) thank you for the kind comments and cheers for my grand shop opening. it's a little thing, but pretty big in my world, so i appreciate the enthusiasm for the long hours i put into opening shop. merci. i have a few bits of featured news...

+ one of my favorite blogger friends in the world, michelle of TWIG–the cutest wooden handiwork around–just had her second baby girl. this past year, i was delighted to finally meet mama michelle, in the flesh. her friendly, genuinely thoughtful and happy demeanor solidified our friendship and we discussed her baby girl's birth announcement. she gave me some ideas and i ran with them. a little Aztec pattern meets soft warrior princess. and, of course i had to include some faux woodgrain into the design as an ode to michelle and steve's TWIG business! she was so kind to do a write-up on marta dansie design, check it out right here. thank you!!!

+ i'm loving the talents of crafty artisans far and wide. i've discovered a lot of incredible new-to-me calligraphers, letterpressers and designers circling around instagram. please check out who i follow to see a seriously talented bunch. you'll want to follow along too. @martawrites

+ i've been meaning to mention a few wonderful LOCAL ladies who have started their own businesses. i am a big believer in following your dreams and striving to make them happen. (of course we mamas must remember there is a season for everything. it took me a lot of late nights and no blogging, tv watching or folding clothes :) to get my shop open!) ever since starting this blog, i've wanted to support women and small business owners in featured posts and in using and buying their products. in fact, all of the packaging supplies for my shop come from small business owners. anyway, please check out these new businesses for me and tell them i sent you! they are each oh so talented...

INSIDE AND OUT COSMETICS this is an incredible new line of all-natural and organic makeup! i'm blown away at the time, effort, market research, testing, science, creativity, trial & error and beautiful packaging this company has been involved in. what an accomplishment in creating a healthy and nourishing cosmetics line, i'm so happy for them. one of my personally favorite things is how they've named their lipstick shades after history's influential and powerful women! go girl power.

• OH CARROT STICKS my friend becky creates adorable artwork with a simple photo of your child's favorite beloved toys! i just love this idea. what a sweet keepsake after these stuffed animals are tired, worn out and tucked away. benji's bear has definitely seen better days, capturing it up into a pretty print is definitely a sweet piece of childhood!

PRINCESS PENPAL my friend elizabeth is always creating something darling for our kiddos; cute quilts, super hero capes, dinosaur digs and more. her new business focuses on making children feel special with their very own penpal! what kid doesn't love receiving mail?!

hip hooray for the handmade movement. 
keep up the good work!

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Michelle @ Twig said...

So late to this post, but ya know, I just check up on my fave blogs every couple of months now ;o) Thanks so much for this shout out, it's lovely friend.

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