03 December 2013

DIY Burlap Pennant Banner tutorial

after researching plenty of burlap banner ideas on pinterest, i decided to gear up and make my own! as you may know, i like to craft, but i like my crafts to be speedy, perfectionist-free and without any sewing requirements whatsoever. this burlap pennant banner fit the bill! scroll down to see the easy step-by-step instructions.

this burlap banner is so simple to make and can be created in just a few hours with simple supplies. i'm excited to try different words and occasions too. i like to think it turned out pottery barn chic, but it's oh so cheap; less than $12 to do-it-yourself. (i created this tutorial well before christmastime, so please excuse the autumn table decor. i plan to swap out the photo eventually.)

gather up the supplies for your burlap banner:
+ burlap (lots of varieties and colors available at JoAnn's!)
note: one yard of burlap will make approximately 2 dozen flag pennants
+ stencil and flag template printed on cardstock
note: you can purchase my burlap banner template & stencil here for $5!
+ acrylic paint (mine was a creamy white called vanilla)
+ sharp scissors
+ glue gun or fabric glue
+ foam paint brush
+ fabric pen or permanent marker
+ parchment paper (to protect your table)
+ a couple yards of jute string or twine (my banner is 33" long)
+ a handful of pretty ribbons for the ends, about two yards total of each ribbon
mod podge stiffener product (or plain mod podge works too!)

do you know this handy burlap trick?? if you want to cut burlap straight, loosen one of the fibers and give it a pull. then you'll have a straight guide to cut your material. hooray.

cut out the flag pennant guide and trace it onto the burlap, creating enough flags for the word you choose (my template & stencil has the words: noel, cheer, joy, merry, peace and star all included). when cutting out the burlap flags, cut inside the black marker lines so your marking guides will not be on the final flag banner. print your stencils on cardstock and start cutting out letters (be patient with yourself.. just cut out the black letters and the rest of the page will be your stencil for painting. you'll need to save the circle and triangle shapes from the letters P and A and hold them in place while painting. a little tricky, but i believe in you. if you make a mistake and cut through the stencil, just print it again!)

for a fool proof method, tape the stencil over your burlap flag, eyeballing it in the center. be sure to leave room at the top of the burlap for the fold-over. now start painting lightly until you get the feel for it. i liked the look of a consistent solid paint, dab over and over until you're happy with the results. be careful to hold the edges so bleeding doesn't occur. let the letter flags dry sufficiently.

when the flags are all finished and dried, turn them over (spelling your word correctly and backwards) and hot glue gun the jute string to the burlap by folding the top edge over. be sure to leave adequate leftover string on both sides of your banner. (i used parchment paper to protect my work area, do not use wax paper or it will melt onto your banner!) if you'd like your banner to remain fray-free, use a fabric stiffener all over the flags or, at least, brush mod podge on the edges to help limit any fraying that may occur. allow to dry.

tie festive ribbons on each end and hang your homemade banner with pride! may your home be filled with peace and happiness this holiday.


dandee said...

This banner is so sweet, Marta! I too like speedy projects so this is right up my alley. And the ribbons on either end? They are the perfect finishing touch.

Melanie said...

Welcome Back Marta! You have been missed!

AllisonK said...

Thank you for the inspiration. Beautiful banner!

Renee said...

This is so cute, Marta! Where did you get those great wire baskets for your magazines?

andika said...

waooooow keren kali...
aku jadi kepengen buat terima kasih..met berkarya

JULIAN & Co. said...

sweetest banner ever!


i love it.

Anna's Mommy said...

I love this project. I always struggle with what to put out after the Christmas decorations get stored away, and I think this banner has a quiet beauty to it. I made this for our fireplace, but chose one of my favorite words, "MIRTH". Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

Tozca Leather said...

very creative memebrikan useful information I will try at home

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