25 May 2014

kids camping party ideas & printables

purchase this camping party invitation printable here.

school's almost out and my little ones are already gearing up to camp out in the backyard!! benji is getting old enough to enjoy hiking, going on nature walks, and even loves listening to spooky stories. (scooby do is on repeat these days, whether i like it or not.) thanks to his mountain man dad, my boys are learning about explorers and the great outdoors. since benji is nearly done with kindergarten, i started imagining up some fun traditions to help swing in the season of summer! my sister has a shaving cream slip n' slide party in her backyard. another mom loves pelting the kids with water balloons at the bus stop for a sneak attack water fight! i also like the outdoor movie idea of cozying up under the stars. i'm dreaming up a special cousins camp out, a perfect way to celebrate the summer, teach my kids the joys of the outdoors and give my siblings the night off.

throwing a casual (and often, spontaneous) party that focuses on the kiddos is key; no birthday cake or presents or too much decor to worry about, just pure fun designed with kids in mind. benji loves making lists and schedules, so i usually let him help me dream up our events. anticipation is half the fun. here's to happy campers!!

our brainstorming came up with these camp out party ideas...

flashlight fun / sleeping bag sack races / s'more brownies / daytime scavenger hunt / glowstick tag / dot to dot constellation games / nature walk / pajama dance off / lantern-lit bracelet looming / make your own trail mix / camper camper bear (instead of duck duck goose), paint wooden snakes (available on amazon.com) / mix up kool-aid bug juice / rope tug o' war / eat ants on a log, oreo mud pies, cheetos (fire flames) and mini hot dogs / nerf gun bullseye target practice / battery-operated candles / spooky stories...

find this camping party printable invitation in my shop! a scavenger hunt printable is also part of your purchase. please note: if you're not keen on hosting a sleepover, there is also a blank camping invitation included for you to write in your own information; whether it be for a family reunion, a scouts meeting, a group hike, a couples shower or a late-over for friends! customize this printable to suit your needs. 


Brittany said...

I'm teaching summer school to incoming Kindergartners this year and one of the weeks is a camping/4th of July theme. The scavenger hunt idea is awesome! I'll definitely be using that!

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