15 May 2014

national chocolate chip cookie day

to celebrate national chocolate chip cookie day, i've rounded up ten of my favorite cookies. these are all tried and true favorites that i keep coming back to. i also have a handful of Cookie Friday cookbooks stocked in my shop! happy cookie day.

oatmeal white chocolate chip craisin cookie.

peanut butter dipped in chocolate cookie.

valentine sugar cookies.

peanut butter blossom cookie.

coconut krispie chocolate chunk cookie.

peanut butter cookies.

pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

soft gingersnap cookie.

homemade cookie dough ice cream.

hilary's milk chocolate carmelita bars. 


Amanda said...

My mouth is watering SO much now!

Kim said...


Jen said...

Thank you Marta! The coconut and krispies is first on my list to try

jobs in germany said...

very delicious!!!

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