05 November 2006

california dreamin'

They turned the country up on its side, and everything loose fell into California.
Frank Lloyd Wright

top ten reasons i HEART california
10. everyone is really really nice.
the sun makes people happy.
09. birds of paradise bloom wild,
next to the freeway
08. forever 21.
who doesn't love teeny bop pop culture?
07. monday night bonfires at the beach
boys surf. girls gab. ketchup chips from the Canadian cutie
06. the great american - frozen yogurt
(after shin-sen-gumi of course)
05. side streets with mom & pop shops dotted along them
milesquare park & lampostloop
04. ikea/containerstore/southcoast/paulfrank/urban.
the goodness never ends.
03. the concept that i was INDEED about
to see someone famous, at all times.
02. jamie, jack & stench vs. seacrest.
morning radio shows filled my commute with sass.
(ryan's roses deserves another blog all on it's own.)
01. i am a sucker for the palm tree.
relaxing. tall & wonderous.

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