06 November 2006

sabrina fairchild

Sabrina Ward Harrison. oh she is a doll. she is one of those infamous gals that you feel like you know and would instantly befriend her if you bumped into her while picking mangoes in california at your nearby Stater Bros. or at least, i always kept my eye out for her.
she is an intriguing artist/writer/painter/photographer. she lives in san fran and is one who fancies her time spent 'spilling' artistic endeavors. she is the type that i love to hate.. since she is livin' the dream; my dream. but, i would still love her and immediately have a million things to discuss with her and want to become her new best friend. i'd even give her my recipe for mangoes & coconut rice; which in fact, wasn't mine to begin with. isn't that how the world works... one inspiring thing after another.


Anonymous said...

Marta: you are my very own Sabrina Fairchild. Equally talented and likeable. And, I think I know who the original owner of that mango recipe is....

whit said...

mart..i came home from hanging out with friends because i was in need of reading a sabrina book..i would say it was lame since its a friday night, but you of all people may understand the need of inspiration. i think its time sabrina joins in our circle of friends and comes to craft night with our girlies. only problem..she lives in cali and we don't have her number

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