16 November 2006

getty up

this is pretty much the only view my camera (or anyone else's) ever gets of dan. he loves his profile, as you all know. he claims to have 'the perfect profile' and i must agree. he is darn right adorable. i used to hang abercrombie & fitch ads all over my bedroom door when i was in highschool (much to my mother's dismay).
finally i found the real deal:
my very own outdoorsy, rugged, skiing, funny man. lucky me.

this is us/him on our way to the getty museum in august of '06. the whole time i lived in cali, we planned to go there, but we kept putting it on the back burner. so, as soon as i realized we were indeed moving home, i inked it into our calendar and off we sped. we spent our last free saturday enjoying the gorgeous gardens, art, and architecture there. the getty is an incredible (and free) museum if you are ever in the LA area.

an intriguing exhibit is on display until january of 2007. i highly recommend it. the pieces included are innovative, personal and remarkably ahead of the moment. a group of Italian poets who were determined to 'free their words' formed a movement toward breaking out of the norm, getting the word out and seeing poetry in a new way. whenever i hear about anyone having a good time with letters & typography, i am giddy.

An explanatory excerpt from the Getty website:

Between 1913 and 1920, a number of Italian Futurist journals flourished, with pages devoted to what Futurists called parole in libertà, or "words-in-freedom." In order to mimic the speed and dynamism of contemporary life, this new kind of poetry rejected conventional grammar and punctuation and employed devices from non-linguistic domains. Existing at the intersection of art and literature, these poems were to be read visually and verbally, vertically and horizontally, iconographically and analytically.

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