18 November 2006


the big day has finally come. surely you've all been holding your breath. in case you've been in hiding with osama, tom & katie tie the knot today in Italy at a small & super secret ceremony. congrats tomkat. if you are interested in getting minute by minute updates, click me.


Anonymous said...

Mart -

This is my first comment on your blog. Overall, I really enjoy it. I'm glad you linked to Artichokes & Co. because I love to look at their website whenever I'm not actually shopping there. Thanks a million.

Moving on, I must take issue with the fact that you dedicate a whole posting to Tom Cruise's wedding. The year we spent living in "The OC" has taken its toll. You have become celebrified. Perhaps its because we watched both "Extra" and "Access Hollywood" over dinner every night.

That brings be to an important question, perhaps one that you should address in a future post. Who is the better pointless-celebrity-gossip-expose-show host: Billy Bush or Mark McGrath. I would say Mark (because he's sooooo hot right now - and because he's the front man of a has-been boy band that doesn't admit to being a boy band). However, Billy Bush is such a freaking "Sharp Dresser" (to borrow a phrase from Ashley) that I can't stand it. If somehow we could mix Mark's rugged good looks with Billy's uber-GQ style we would have the world's hottest celebrity commentator.

But because such a perfect TV host is a pipe dream, I return to my main point: celebrities are not deserving of our time, our attention, or our resources. Some might argue, for example, that we should concern ourselves with the plight of those starving in Africa, the dangers posed by land mines in post-conflict zones, or finding cures for the diseases that continue to plague mankind.

While those things are arguably important, I think that we should be concerned with truly substantive and important matters, namely, gear. More specifically, the acquisition and full utilization of as much gear as possible, as quickly. Now that is a topic worthy of discussion.



P.S. - WBS

marta said...

dan, you are a hoot. i love you & hope you check back a lot. since you are featured in my blog a lot. let us know when you launch your blog about gear snobs.

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