09 November 2006

Light the Fever Within

I have caught the Fever.
Olympic fever, that is.
I do in fact realize that the Salt Lake Winter Games have come and gone and are now a momentous memory, so let me explain. I've recently become completely immersed with a book all about the Olympic Experience. The book is a compilation of journal entries from F. Bullock, who was Mitt's right-hand man at the Oly's. It describes, in depth all the fascinating details about his challenges/victories throughout the process of 'putting on the Olympics'. I lucked out in designing the layout and now have an inside glimpse of what it was all about. What a feat! In February 2002, I had no idea of all the people involved, expenses paid, hassles handled, and all the efforts that went into creating the immaculate displays and venues throughout Utah. So many volunteers, so many hours, so many athletes, so many hopes, so much practice, so much riding...
What an incredible opportunity it was for all of us who experienced it, simply as spectators. There is nothing so motivating/inspirational to me as a truly devoted, determined and disciplined athlete. Hoorah to the gold medalist within all of us. Light the fire within, let it burn and then let it out!

These 2002 Olympic Stats blew me away. Take a look:

Over 36,000 Gallons of Soup
225,000 Pieces of Fruit (Athletes Only)
10,000 Pounds of Rice (Athletes Only)
1,500 Pounds of Kimchi (Athletes Only)
26 Thousand Dozen Dinner Rolls at Least
Over 400,000 Pounds of Certified Angus Beef
100,000 pounds of Frankfurters
15 Thousand Pounds of Dry Pasta
5,500 Cases of Campbell’s RTS Meals (6 Tractor Trailers)
28,000 PBJ Meal Kits
320,000 Pop Tarts
250,000 Individual Campbell’s Soup to Go
225,000 Individual packets of Fresh Sliced Apples
399,360 Assorted Power Bars

11,520 torchbearers
$2,042,760 million to 9/11 fund
394,935 pounds of food to Utah food bank
330 units of housing
$4 million donation of SLOC surplus items
13,952 boxes of facial tissue
1,230 beds
140,000 linens
44,000 towels
829 refrigerators
740 washers & dryers
811 microwaves

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