11 December 2006

Christmas is for lovers

i've been hit. if there were a Christmas Cupid, he got me right in the heart (and it's about bloody time). this weekend, i enjoyed a chunk of holiday cheer. i took my li'l shoppin' sleigh to tinsel town and loaded up on goods, after which i spent the eve whipping up cookie batters for freezing and got started on my christmas cards & tags. i even managed to get my laundry done. i finally feel on top of the heap again.

ta da! here are my 'i heart christmas' tags in two styles: houndstooth holiday & polka dot rock

i have felt so unseasonably behind in all the festivities as of late. my designer's block has probably been mostly in my mind. i sometimes feel like i run two lives and my career-woman side of me has been running the show and has given no time for little ms. crafty lady. but happily we've finally hit the end-all deadline for the book ('tis the season). my dad says that we wait for this day in the same anticipation as when a baby is due. and today, twins were born! this baby turned out to be a whopping 265 pages. all went well in delivery & printing! we took that bad boy to the bindery today and kissed it goodbye. it is a huge relief to have it printed, packed & out of sight. mmmm. can't wait to see what schaffer's does with it. the cover/binding always surprises me, even when i know every page so well. it's like a present you've had your eye on, picked out yourself and told your husband to wrap. even still, you can't wait to untie the ribbons.

on with more "Christmas Mischief" - as dan would say.
much merriment to you in your holiday preparations...


ali said...

What a load off! That's a hefty one, to be sure. Congratulations!

p.s. I'm a huge fan of houndstooth and polka dot rock.

jamieanne said...

Marta, you crafty little devil...oops, I mean angel!

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