09 December 2006

cupcake queen

reading blogs is too much fun. i have found so many soul mates i never knew existed. it's good to know all the souls out there who are passionate people who spend their moments creating. this completely motivates me. whether it be photography, design, paperie, jewelry, or little creatures out of yarn - i love finding these people and discovering the nooks and the crannies of their 'thing' whatever it may be. as dan says, the internet is a window into a random person's soul. it's quite an intimate find. i just have to go on record to thank each of you for being bold enough to show your stuff & bare your souls. i am inspired and greatly appreciate & enjoy the wealth of knowledge and eye opening ideas you bring to my little mac everyday. i for one am so happy for this blogging world. i am new at it, but it's become an obvious obsession. a luxury which i feel completely justified in.

these too cute to be true sites are just the reason i love to spread the word; posting links to my most favorite finds (and hope you'll do the same). this one in particular is immaculately done. i've said i love it when someone has a passion and this little lady tops the charts. she may be a real cupcake queen. yes, this is the Mecca of Cupcakedom.

what you'll find here are delectable traditionals like chocolate and vanilla sorted among hundreds of truly extraordinary confections made with unique ingredients. she does all kind of experimental cupcakes and twists them into a blissful tiny cake. the sweet photos are a virtual glance inside the glass dome at a bakery shop.. ganache goddesses comin' right up!

she has thought of it all. i love the detailed diary descriptions, step by step guidelines, the bounty of photos, tons of recipes, theme ideas, and plenty of tips about your favorite dainty treat and mine, the cupcake. there is even a search tool and pdf formats for each recipe! this woman is genius. it's about time an entire blog was dedicated to this love of my life. wish i had thought of it first. yet, i know you'll agree - there is no topping this one. thanks for this tasty tidbit, so happy i found you.

irresistible little betty of a cupcake:
german chocolate cupcake
ricotta raspberry almond cupcake
coconut rice pudding cupcake
caramel apple cupcake
basil cream filled cupcake
the horchata cupcake
assorted citrus cupcake
ice cream cone cupcake
coconut lime cupcake


jamieanne said...

What a sweet treat you've found. Thanks to you, I say mini's are the only way to go!

ali said...

I, too, have found too many kindred blogging spirits! I consider you to be one of them. Jamie, on the other hand, is my personal cupcake queen. I'll never be able to bake like either of you. :(

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