02 December 2006

dear whit

dear li'l whit,
you are so much fun to be with. spending days with you is my time best spent. today, i loved simply driving on wasatch, rounding la caille, speeding up over the bump and remembering thousands of times we've had together. i could drive there blindfolded. i remembered all the various cars i've driven to & fro and the various occasions when i've run to your house (in blissful states, in desperate measures, feeling ecstatic, emotional, but mostly just happy - to be vacationing to your spot of life is always rejuvenating to my heart).

thank you for letting me come veg awhile. i love being near you. i love seeing your beauty face, listening to the wonders in your world, seeing your latest creative productions (the newly painted room!!) and of course, trying on all your glorious clothes - especially the ones with the tags still on, just waiting to be worn. you make me laugh. {ps. you so need to start a blog.}

whit, thank you for being my favorite friend through thick & thin, old & young, single & married, rich & poor, happy & sad, famous & unknown, dreamy & creamy.
with love, mart

"Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."
- Aristotle


Travelin'Oma said...

I remember driving that same drive, dropping off and picking up. The whole Whit and Mart relationship is full of girlie giggles and I kind of miss it! (Although it could become a little annoying at times...) I'm glad you two are still friends. You deserve each other! Lots of love, Aunt Marty

whit said...

mart..you are way too nice to me. i must say that its a honor to spend a few hours with you..being with you for even a minute gives me a boost. you are the best and i love you to baby size pieces. love little whit

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