03 December 2006

musee d' muse

my new obsession.. i could stay here all day long. and i almost have. this site is stocked full of goodies. here are all the beauties that i've picked up, i know you're interested.

i have a thing about those who take the stage. maybe it is because of my moments in theater; the days when i used to dream i would someday truly be on broadway. sure i never seriously pursued it, but hey a girl can dream right?!

i love the paparazzi snaps of these muses hanging backstage, you know as normal people in the green room. wherein any drama friend will tell you: backstage is where all true drama grows: cat fights & best friendships. i wonder if they play cards together. (maybe this explains my fetish with america's next top model)

i love hearing about the fiascoes behind the curtains; it's fascinating to me that one can be so involved in a heated discussion/fight/love affair, yet step on stage and magically become an entirely different person.

a model's life: makeup placed - then swept off, torn dresses sewn in minutes, shoes lost - then found, extensions added - then removed, photography taken - runways walked, tendrils curled - then straightened. oh, to be a super model, just for one day.

here is a sneak peek of that glittery world.

now this outfit, i could definitely wear. love this.

hairstyle professionally disheveled yet sleek chic

pretty faces mingle backstage.

prepping with curls, evian, bumble & bumble,
gay pride and cords galore. glamour to the max.

flouncy feminine with a hot pink satin bow. completely gorgeous.

one, two: buckle my shoe. three, four: hear me roar.

fashion phenomenon. a springtime circus of blooming buds.

ps. adore alek wek - she strikes me as graceful/beautiful/courageous/strong/confident/bold/feminine/smart.
everything i wish i were.

pps. normal people hoping to become an "idol" is a crazy cultural attack in america. women take it too far with their obsessive desires to be young, skinny, fashionable, smooth, round, tall, short, fair, tan, bony, fleshy. i am one who eats up the whole spectacle of it, trying hard to not be involved with the incredulous fixation. i think idolizing your days away is not only selfish but entirely a waste of time. although, perusing what is out there and admiring the fashionable for what they are, is completely enjoyable. it's a fine line. the goal for myself and in hopes for my future daughters is to view works of beauty as pieces of art + design + talent - without coveting, self-obsessing, self-loathing and envy. is that possible in this day and age? can beauty be approached as purely inspiration/motivation without a speck of self doubt or deprecation?

fashion is art, in life form - it is a show that one puts on for an audience to see; take away what you will. if you take fashion at it's essence - it is an intriguing, worthwhile and pretty amazing piece of brilliance which completely surrounds us every day. whether you think yourself a fashionista or not, you are on stage. take a bow.

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Travelin'Oma said...

Does this blog go to Becky Hale? When I think Green Room drama, I think Becky Hale. Who hasn't aspired to be Mammy Yocum or Nanki-Poo? Dare I mention Pippin? Don a yellow Afro wig, a little white "pancake" and you can have every kind of pride you want! Pages Lane taught me "There's no business like show business!"

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