27 December 2006

koco 4 christmas

have fallen for a new artist. she makes cards. they are unique and lovely and apparently booming. somewhat sad when i feel i've made a new discovery and then i realize my small discovery is being mass produced. though it hasn't made me unlike her things.. it has only motivated my urge to hoard her cards and send them out to everyone in my li'l black book. last month it all started when i gasped at the sight of her cards in an abundant display. i was giddy with excitement and collected them in pairs. it was the same feeling i had years ago when i fell for and began my collection for those square classics - quotable cards. i guess this type of thing is in my blood.

miss koco says all the right things with such a fun mixture of media - her colors are bold, her statements personal. koco is brilliant. mass produced or not, i am all for supporting a gal like her.

"Don't underestimate the big message a small card can contain," she says. couldn't agree more.

lick a stamp (or two for the squares) today.

1 comment:

ali said...

I love how seriously Miss Koco takes the greeting card. They can be powerful, can't they? Especially when they're this cool.

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