29 December 2006

twinkle twinkle

i feel in a very happy place these days. christmas was pure fun.

sleeping over at dan's sister's home on christmas eve was perhaps the most fun we've had in a long time. she spoiled us with all sorts of goods from steaks to strawberry crepes to adorable plates. christmas eve was smushed full of joyful activities such as: a gorgeous dinner including steak taste tests / happy lights tour with the inclusion of both blow-up scenery (is this a new phase for America? honestly, what is with the blow-up festive items adorning patios, lawns, roofs or all of the above?!) and ice sculptures / cable tv fun / our niece's favorite new videos - she introduced us to kellie pickler and carrie underwood (and i thought i knew teeny bop tunes) / movie moments 'til the wee hours, including all of the extra features of Bourne Identity (i'm all for bonus features, but honestly that movie takes the cake. dan was in CIA heaven.)

in the morning, we had a spontaneous & surprising stash of gifts from santa. it was super/splendid. an all 'round smashing good christmas. it was a brilliantly sunny day and we drove from one home full of glorious food to the next. the presents were all wrapped gorgeously and nothing makes me more giddy than pretty packages. (unless all the packages are for me and all surprises. hee hee.)

i love spending time with the little ones in my fam. seeing their wide eyes full of love for life.. it is incredible. it's a magical day. one that lasts & lasts in memory for a long time as a child. as for me, i've moved on and have begun life at work in my new office. other than the plethora of sweet snacks at my desk and new jeans on my hips, christmas for me has gone and regular life has begun. the trouble is capturing christmas and holding it in for awhile. realizing that the little glories of the holidays is supposed to crystallize moments and make them memories - the photo ops, the clean house, the guests over, the neighbor gifts, the cards, the kind deeds... they grow in abundance at this time, but why only now? why can't we truly spread christmas cheer all year long? why can't we spread it around the way little kids spread their finger paint and push it all over the page, out onto the protective newsprint and even getting a bit of those painty fingerprints on the pretty tile below.

this is how christmas spirit should spread. with a twinkle in our eye, christmas combinations of happiness/love/kindness/wonder/peace should feel so good in our hands (and hearts) that we can't help but touch everything around us with it - getting it on everything.

the result, everyone gets smeared with the goopy goodness. and it ends up all over ourselves. this is my christmas wish. please don't pack it all up in those boxes for the attic. it can't breathe up there.

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jamieanne said...

Your Christmas sounds delicious. Like pure, cane sugar all bottled up, then enjoyed in one precious moment. I just happen to love sugar, but I suppose you could replace that with any flavor of your choosing. Like cotton candy, I know you like that. But I guess that too, is pure sugar just spun in a heavenly nest for your enjoyment. Mmmmm...cotton candy.

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