08 December 2006

the inside scoop

check out what i found. my friends, ali and co. have started
this oh so twee site. it's jammed full of sweet 'i heart Salt Lake City' info. if you're looking for the insider's scoop of all things hip & fun - this will be a favorite. (believe me, you will love it.) among other not-to-be-missed gems, they have this little bitty listed. what a perfect frugal fashionable find. thanks ali and maeve! surely there are many more delicious discoveries to come.

i am already a huge fan.


ali said...

You are the sweet, my sweet little Marta. Thanks so much for the mention. That picture is so cute, I want to go write about the best place to get ice cream in December. Thanks again.

marta said...

your most welcome! i scream, you scream, we all scream hooray for your creative genius. and guess where that pic came from?! none other than a site dedicated to aggie ice cream. (i think that might be a sign.)

DAN said...

Although she has lots of "cute" things on her site, Allyson neglected to include Molcasalsa on her list of favorites. I'm sure her oversight was inadvertent.

ali said...

Dan, I apologize for the oversight. Molcasalsa would have made #13, I think, after the ever-popular Costco polish dog and 7-11 chili nachos. I do like the California burrito, but not the subsequent stomach ache.

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