12 January 2007


my dear friend, ali is always inspiring. the other night over danish rice pudding we discussed the age old art of writing in our journals. those were the days, when we were assigned topics in class and had an extended time to write in them, or else...

i don't know if she did it on purpose, but this entry of hers has motivated me to dig deep. thanks to you ali, i wrote my heart out.

1 hundred things about me
001. i have never met another person with my first name.
002. ever since i was a teen, i have loved pablo neruda & counting crows.
003. i dream of days at the beach, in the hot sunshine.
004. i like when people say 'sparkle'.
005. i love all things nyc, 5th avenue, broadway, and am obsessed with h&m
006. music makes me happy.
007. black & white portraits framed are a favorite.
008. i am an impulse shopper.
009. i love cold water with lots of ice & perhaps a floating lime.
010. i am a good speller.
011. i relish art history: pop art, renaissance, impressionist, minimalist, etc.
012. i feel like my ideas are trying to pry themselves out.
013. i am always cold and love to bundle up.
014. i prefer the new york times.
015. i carry pilot pens {point 7} at all times.
i hoard them, afraid they will go extinct.
016. i don't know what my natural hair color is.
017. i am head over heels in love with dan. he is charming & hilarious.
018. laughing is my favorite thing.
019. i enjoy work. i love what i do. i feel extremely lucky.
020. i love getting my haircut.
021. i collect cute things that arrive in my postbox.
022. i tend to start too many projects; not in real life, in my head.
023. filing, sorting, labeling is my idea of fun.
024. i love to browse through vintage cookbooks.
025. it's hard not to worry what others think.
it's a waste of time.. but still.
026. i sing in the car & dance in my kitchen.
027. i probably shouldn't be telling you all of this.
028. i over-analyze.
029. i think i can predict the future; especially movie endings.
030. i people-watch when i travel.
031. i wish i could swing dance.
032. i try to make my cookies as good as heidi's.
033. i am a sucker for cookie dough
straight from the kitchen aid beater.
034. i love handmade goods.
anything not mass produced these days is justifiably
worth the extra money. i am a sucker for arts + crafts.}
035. i believe in miracles.
036. my dog's name was peaches.
037. i am a perfectionist.
038. i like the feeling when the airplane is taking off.
i love to be above the
039. i got my ears pierced when i was four.
040. i find myself introspective.
041. i adore all printed materials:
stationery / books / magazines / fabric.
042. i am into the thesaurus. i dig it.
043. i am crazy over mint brownies.
045. i break rules that don't matter. like capitalization.
046. singing at the top of my lungs
at a loud concert is exhilarating.
047. i have strong, good fingernails.
i inherited them from my mom.
048. a warm bath is a favorite spot to unwind.
049. i love coordinating materials
and wish i were a seamstress.
050. my dreams are extremely vivid.
051. i collect pitchers of all shapes & sizes. i love them.
052. i wish i could live in Paris & buy bread at the street market.
053. i dislike sparkling mineral water.
054. i shop in consignment stores.
055. i used to think i was deep. that was in middle school.
056. i am sentimental.
057. i always fall asleep while watching movies at night.
{my husband carries me into bed. this is a highlight in my life.}
058. my elbows hyper extend.
059. i want to grow a garden someday.
060. i am more fragile then i let on.
061. i love fonts. i obsess over them.
062. i buy hoodies - what can i say? they are so cozy.
063. i loved going to college.
064. i eat skippy peanut butter on bananas.
065. i started a diary with a lock on it when i was seven.
066. i never want to stop learning.
067. i keep shoeboxes of memories.
068. my dad buys me cool stamps.
069. i always wanted to marry a mountain man skier.
i did. (a victory.)

070. i am already planning an amazing dream house.
071. i design books.
072. being apart of a well-earned standing ovation
is the best feeling in the world.
073. my treat is strawberries with cream.
074. i feel deeply happy that i honestly, truly like my in-laws.
075. i am a fast reader; and should take more advantage of that.
077. i want to go on safari in Africa.
078. in winter, i eat soup in breadbowls & drink hot cocoa
which burns my tongue too often.
079. i have had the same best friend for as long as i can remember.
080. i don't blush easily.
081. i justify my faults too fast.
082. i could push myself harder.
083. bookshelves stacked full make me happy.
084. i used to sing with my sisters around the piano
sunday night. and i miss it. it was very Little Women of us.
085. i wonder who will read my life history.
086. i wonder who will write my life history. hopefully my own dad.
087. i have perfect vision. it's true.
087.5 i wanted glasses so badly i once tried to
trick an ophthalmologist, he didn't fall for it.
088. i am afraid to bake whole wheat bread; i am afraid of failure.
089. i am pretty easy to please.
090. i love to plan parties, design invites,
make favors, ice mini cupcakes.
091. sunrise is my favorite time of day.
092. writing letters is a hobby of mine.
093. i spend too much time in front of this computer.
094. i am short.
095. ms. edvalson changed my life.
096. i like bright toenail polish.
097. my siblings are the people i most respect and love to be with.
098. i feel beautiful when i look disheveled.
099. i feel most passionate when i am deeply involved
in creating something for someone else.
100. i have sketch books filled with quotes from famous people.


Christie said...

As ever, you are the cutest, most charming Marta I know...keep bloggin'!

whit said...

Mart..you are amazing..you didn't put that in you count down. i love this..everything you wrote just made me remember every little detail of my favorite friend.

jamieanne said...

I met some glasses once, named the Marta glasses. I thought of buying them for you, but they simply didn't live up in charm or style to the Marta I have come to adore.
I love #98, #68, #61, #57, and of course #27!

Travelin'Oma said...

Things about me: #1: I love to read 100s of things about people I love. If I thought the husbands would do it, this would be the family activity every time. I think we tried it once and of course the game came on, the laptop came out, the dishes needed doing and it flopped. Everyone can send me lots of lists about themselves and I'll pour over every one and think you're all unique and fun and cool.

donna said...

Love it!!

I'm inspired to do my own 100 list now...I might be too shy to share it on my blog though!!


alyson. said...

I love this. when I get time, I may just do one of my own. :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post and it is definitely inspiring me to create my own list....interesting!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
summer said...

oh how i love this post. it makes me appreciate every detail of everything, which is basically the resounding theme of this blog, and why i love it so.

and this just goes to show: there is greatness in lists.

i still aspire to make my own 100% someday.

Amanda said...

Ah, Marta, I'm in love with your blog and have been for a couple of years. I'm on Christmas break from university right now and (perhaps somewhat dorkily) have decided to go through your archives to find more good-ness.

#57 on this list has me hoping for a husband who will carry me to bed. I, too, often fall asleep while watching movies.

#87.5 has me laughing because I DID trick an ophthalmologist when I was in grade 5. My two best friends had glasses and I felt so left out. So, I read letters and numbers wrong and gave what I thought were the "right" answers to get glasses. A few months later and I was looking for a way to convince my mom I didn't need glasses.

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