14 January 2007

bits & pieces

my father's first camera / WWII mess kit / wooden pencil box
European patches / around the world suitcase stickers / imported bottle candles
ancient issues of the POST / beloved backpack worn through Europe / war medals
books, books, & more books {mostly pieced together, beautiful & rare}

i took a field trip in my dad's office last week. these are the highlights of the intimate photo shoot with the favorite place of mine. his office is a place of refuge, of intrigue and interest. as a historian it seems not only a pleasure but an honor to accumulate such personal valuables from others. my dad collects, keeps, saves and displays such extraordinary pieces. the wonderous part are the stories of how they came to be. [landing into my father's hands is another tale to hear.]


Bev said...

they are indeed amazing. I hope he has written down for you the stories that go with each and every one!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed having a glimpse into such a museum like environment. What unique treasures. Thanks for the photos.

Travelin'Oma said...

This post could become a book! Are you in? I'm in!

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