28 January 2007

let it snow..

even a small shindig deserves an invitation. this little creation is in honor of my husband's birthday open house, an intimate family gathering...

i included a few of his favorite elements with this design - the color brown (he has worn a brown polyester suit to church ever since he was six) & snowflakes (dan was born for the greatest snow on earth, fittingly he was born february first in utah). i included snowflake confetti inside each envelope, for a bit of an individual snowstorm.


jamieanne said...

Only you could transform all the quirky things about Daniel into something beautiful.

ali said...

Weird. I left a comment yesterday but it hasn't appeared. It went a little something like this:

Leave it to Marta to craft up something so fun to open and better, thoughtful. Little pieces of Daniel for all.

(Actually, I don't think it went like that at all but the idea is the same.)

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