27 January 2007

the view from here

three lovely ladies work in the same office i do, amongst the herd of men. we immediately joined forces and now the office is a much cleaner (& cuter) place, not to mention the mid-day fiestas. i could go on and on about how great it is to have girlfriends to laugh with on a daily basis. it's almost silly how cheesy it is, but i totally adore them. as "bff sole sisters" we know way too much about each other, and such the oddest facts too. they fell into my life at the perfect time. i love them, what sweethearts. as the four girls in the office (yes, we know our voices carry) for better or worse, we have been dubbed as: the view girls.

{as a side note, i have probably seen The View all of 3.5 times & feel that is my lifetime limit. no real pull. especially now, without Star, what's the use? in california, any early morning show on any given radio station on any given weekday would mention Star in one way or another. she got way too much airtime. who is she? why does the public obsess over her? i don't really care about her fancy wedding, her extra long veil - a pathetic attempt to out do princess di - seriously how dare she?, her might-be-gay hubby, if she did or did not have stomach pump surgery. bla bla bla. okay, well i guess i kind of care, since i am one to watch Access Hollywood with Billy Bush over a mean bowl of steamed rice & veggies. of course that show gets on my nerves too. the whole show is made up of two minute teasers, which are longer than the main 'headliners' themselves. this is frustrating & oh so very annoying, though it doesn't keep me from watching. it's the show we love to hate.}

so back to the bff co-workers - the most intriguing facts come up when there are hours to waste and busy work to be done. we have and will discuss a random handful of topics, such as: whose gyno may or may not be the best, whether the soul patch (facial hair right in the middle of the chin) should or should not be banned, movies watched as kids growing up in the 80's - we all remember Baby Boom, Working Girl, Troop Beverly Hills & who didn't love Goldie Hawn in Overboard?!, why yoplait 'thick & creamy' light yogurt is way better than just the regular yoplait light version, what the OC Finale will entail, we discuss our dreams - the ones for the future & the ones we had last night, share wedding photos, talk about the boys we almost 'waited for' and are happy we didn't, what we would or would not do if our friend had a spider crawling in her hair...
here's to loving mondays, so i get to see you gals again.

somehow i've been nominated as Joy
(if i weren't such a good sport, i would be completely offended).

and as we've discussed, we all heart conan, so this one's for you.
conan vs. joy behar


jamieanne said...

I think you are more of an Elizabeth than a Joy. Bum deal.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I was mentioned on your blog! Yay, for the BFF trio. I think your friend is right, you should be Elizabeth. I'll be Joy, I'm louder anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I enjoyed reading your blog on the BFF Sole Sisters! It made me laugh extremely hard thinking about our hilarious conversations, and also made me feel very warm inside because of how much I adore this "view"-like friendship we have developed! I LOVE it!! The daytime hours are a blast now! Thanks BFF Sistaaas!! You're the best! :)

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