11 January 2007

james brown, a tribute

discovered this masterpiece
only a block away from my office.
man, the treasures i find are endless
strolling around downtown salt lake city


ali said...

Agreed! About a block from my office, there's a power box with the Louis Vuitton pattern stamped all over it. I've been meaning to take a picture for some time but never pull over to do so. Thanks for sharing.

DAN said...

Marta - this picture is too good not to share. I wish your blog had an "email this to a friend" feature. See what you can do about it.

DAN said...

P.S. In honor of James, please add Molcasalsa to your "M Eats" category. Thanks, I know the Godfather of Soul will appreciate it.

Brad K. said...

Soul Brother #1 see you on the other side.

I was way impressed with all of the flags at half mass after JB died but then I realized they were probably for Gerald Ford.

Marty: said...

It's very fun to read a blog that changes it's clothes from time to time!

marta said...

glad to see so many j.b. supporters out there. and dan, this is especially for you. the emailing link on m.writes is up, so click and send your heart out.

postage is on me.

marta said...

ps. and one more thing dan, in regards to Molcasalsa, i'm sorry to say, it probably won't be added to my favorite eats. it really wouldn't be fair since i only like nitty gritty Mexican cuisine if it's one in the morning and there are no other options available. (thus, another reason to begin a blog of your very own.)

i will say this, their large horchata and child size quesadilla {the mini meal} is a welcome splurge on a rare special occasion.

perhaps we'll join forces for d+m menu pics of the town.

DAN said...

I could really add some flavor to your restaurant list. Although I'm sure "Cucina" is entirely charming, I wonder whether patrons are getting as much meat as they should. Moreover, if I eat there will I come away with that familiar over-stuffed feeling Americans are accustomed to after every meal?

Wendi said...

People should read this.

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