02 February 2007

happy groundhog day

word on the street..
the groundhog did not
(i repeat, did not)
see his shadow.

three cheers for
sandals, hot pants & tan lines.
spring comes early this year.

in other news.. what do we think about meg & matt?
somewhat scandalous, yet strangely predictable.


Travelin'Oma said...

I've been mad at Meg ever since the whole Antonio debacle. But I still like her deep down. And I've been down on Matt until Studio 60 and now...well, to be honest, I'd be happy about Meg and Matt. Sometimes we have to forgive and forget, live and let live and just remember that the best Valentine's Day ever happened with Meg in NYC on top of the Empire State Building. ( I wasn't actually there, but it can still make me cry.)

jamieanne said...

A friend of mine sat next to Meg at dinner recently. Apparently she has had so much work done she is looks terrible. Big lips, eye/face lift, and botoxed lips, even cheap looking extensions.
Not an opinion about Matt and Meg, but sellacious gossip none the less.

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