02 February 2007

forget groundhog, moving onto cupid

now that it's february, it is officially appropriate to be planning for valentine's day. (i admit i have been thinking about it since december 26th myself. i simply love holidays and am obsessed with making plans for them. whether or not the plans actually occur is another issue, it's just so fun to imagine all the possibilities.. do you not agree!?) cupid is out & this has inspired me to make valentines. i am like a kid in a candy store with the whimsy all about. even the neighborhood grocery store holiday aisle thrills me. geez.. i guess i need a life.

heart candies/pink & red/secret admirers/lace/doilies.. come on, is there anything more sweet to look forward to in this winterish gloom!? i think not. that cupid is not so stupid after all.


Anonymous said...

When I was younger and lived in Sandy, we used to make valentines for all and then our parents would drive us around all night long so we could doorbell-ditch them to our friends. Once I moved to Holladay no one did that anymore and it was such a sad reality to have Valentines Day be so uneventful. I have since, always felt a loss around the sacred day. So I share your LOVE for the SPECIAL holiday.

jamieanne said...

Hearts/Sweets/Treats/Dining/Dancing/True Love...I'm in!

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