12 February 2007

poll no. 01

flickr vs. picasa

okay everyone, i'm taking a poll & if successful, there may be more. two options will be given. choose one and cast your vote {via comment} and if you care to express your reasoning, please speak up. i'd love to hear your most persuasive arguments. my polls are posted for purely selfish reasons, so thank you for participating.


Christie said...

Purely because I've never used Flickr, I'd go with Picasa. I love what you can do edit-wise to your photos in Picasa, and I like the way you view/store/scroll through your pictures. Plus, isn't the name Picasa just so art-inspiring?

Anonymous said...

No question. Flickr all the way.

Its super robust and easy to use. Has tons of features and is fun to look around at other's photos for inspiration. It has fun things like marking your photos on a map, really good forums, and the design and writing of the site is just way more friendly and welcoming. Its just a better user expirience over all.

I'm a big Google fan but this is one of the rare times they get beat.

Anonymous said...

Being part Comanche, I often find myself fearing, like my native American ancestors, that the camera will steal my soul. Thus, I find my need for photo management rather limited.

That said, I've never used the Picasa web site, although the desktop software seems pretty slick. I do, however, have some experience with looking at pictures on Flickr, so I'd have to go from limited experience and vote for Flickr on-line and Picasa off-line.

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