11 February 2007

this just in...

isn't it funny when you hear about something somewhere and it registers with you. (or as my cute sister-in-law would say, it sings to you. she always says, "when something sings to you, you must buy it." therefore, i love shopping with her.) you adore it, you love it, can't put it down and then suddenly it pops up everywhere!?! and you feel like, hey i so loved this before everyone else did. like someone somewhere could possibly give you credit for loving it first. because you know you saw it first. yeah sure, maybe the guys who were arranging the goods on the sale rack, or perhaps the mother-of, the boyfriend-of, the publishers, printers, web guy & fellow designers. but still, you always feel like the first to know.

so i found out about this talented betty from ali. well, i suppose ali put a name (abby) to the face. i had previously gushed over her works (surely, before anyone else) at Jane's (which features the full line of kate spade stationery) in sun valley & downtown Tabula Rasa, my favorite local stationers. and now, another pop up, over at hoping for.. - kelly has blogged an interview with abby. lo and behold, abby went to the beloved byu. her designs are quite clever/beautiful/quirky & fun. i am happy she has quite a following. but i hope she realizes i was an original fan - does this mean i am captain of her fan club? hmm. i'll have to get on that.

{more important than my pride, is that fact that she too lived in provo. it's like a kindred spirits thing when you find out someone resided in provo for a period of their life. it could possibly replace the kevin bacon game. the walls come down and you realize that this successful/intelligent/talented lady and you could perhaps be best of friends or at least fill the time reminiscing about the richest chocolate milk in the whole world - found at the byu creamery.}

you wonder if she still talks about the katsu-don at Demae.
i guess i could just ask her. say, at the first fan club meeting.
maybe it could just be an intimate luncheon. ali you can come too.


Anonymous said...

Mart -

I did some quick research on wikipedia regarding Kate Spade. Although I've never seen Kate Spade stationary, I now know that she, along with her husband Andy Spade (the brother of "Tommy Boy" co-star David Spade) have a men's line called Jack Spade (which, incidentially, is a ficticious name). I officially think that I am the FIRST (besides the good folks at wikipedia) to know these very important facts.


ali said...

Count me in, Mart. I think Abby is nice.

jamieanne said...

I wanna be part of the luncheonette too. I'm not artsy or creative, but I seriously love my Kate Spade calendar.

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