08 February 2007

rhythm is a dancer

on another note, i have been buying 'pump up the jam' type itunes lately and have found a few favorites. songs that you can't stand still to are really the best for cheering yourself up, going on a run or mopping tiled floors.

my goal is to make the ultimate mix tape for training season. you heard it here first, marta has decided to run a 10k. i know, i know, it's probably cake for most of you to run a 10k. i am sure most of you rockin' babes could run it in your sleep without waking up (miss anna) - but this is my first race experience, so i am hoping to be prepared & am already counting on the rock hard abs that will follow. (if you have any hot tips for training season, do tell. i need all the help i can get.)

here is a list of jammin' faves for my dance party of one.

maritime - parade of punk rock t-shirts
the get up kids - red letter day
will smith - switch
voxtrot - missing pieces
gorillaz - feel good inc.
kt tunstall - suddenly i see
justin timberlake - senorita
janet - someone to call my lover
goldspot - float on {the oc mix 6}
tina turner - proud mary
george michael - faith
dmb - warehouse
rihanna - sos
cher - strong enough
paul simon - graceland
dixie chicks - there's your trouble
postal service - such great heights
eurythmics - here comes the rain again

& my all time favorite to bop to...
marvin gaye/tammi terrell - ain't no mountain high enough

this is an "all play" so please comment on your own favorite tunes that put a spring in your step. surely they will put a spring in mine too.
it is getting warmer everyday.


Travelin'Oma said...

Soak up the Sun! That's what I'd run to or dance to...if I ran...or danced. It's fun to drive to!

kelly said...

Well my nano has a very eclectic listing of music to get me going:
just about anything by gwen stefani
bandages, hot hot heat
can't get you out of my head, kylie minogue
drunken lullabies, flogging molly
figher, christina aguiler
get the party started, pink
good luck, basement jaxx
hey ya, outcast
material girl, madonna
my humps, black eyed peas

just to name a few...

ali said...

Hey! This looks like fun. I just figured out how to make an iMix. They also have Sport iMixes; you should turn this into one so we can have it!

Goldspot's "Float On" made both of our lists ... and I likes me some Eurythmics.

jamieanne said...

Ok, I wanna play.

Stronger by Britney Spears. I swear I can feel myself getting tougher just listening to it. Its got a great beat to it for making up your own weight routines (especially biceps and squats/lunges), which I'm embarrassed to say I do.

Hung Up by Madonna. Love it. Takes you up and down and just keeps going on and on. I like the long ones cuz they make my workout feel shorter.

Sexyback by my personal favorite, JT.
Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap.

I can think of tons more, but these will suffice for now.

Anonymous said...

Hear This Now -

Gordon Lightfoot is money to work out with. If you have a chance, get Gord's Gold. It's like taking speed - without the side effects or addiction problem. Get some Gord. Listen to it. You'll never want to stop working out. As Ben Stiller says in Starsky & Hutch, "Do it."


Ashley A. said...

Marta, my favorite is that you have George Michael- Faith on your list. Awesome! Dan, are you claiming to know what it's like to take speed? Hmmm.

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